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Which badges are leading bookings in the Summer Smash challenges? Find out in today’s Marketplace Insights highlights.

The Summer Smash challenge kicked off on May 1, and in the past 2 weeks over 15,000 learners have earned over 20,000 badges by enrolling in your classes. That’s pretty incredible, and we hope you’re having a blast congratulating learners on their badges and celebrating their dedication to learning this summer.

So far, the most-earned badge by number of bookings is the Academic Achiever badge, which correlates to group English, math, science, history, and language classes. A close second is the Confidence Builder badge, which correlates to tutoring classes on the same subjects.

This tells us that families are indeed doubling down on academic learning this summer, and if you teach any of these subjects, you may want to consider adding more sections at different times to expand your reach.

If you don’t teach traditional academics — don’t worry, learners are earning every badge type. In fact, we’ve observed that the badge with the highest value per booking is actually the Study Ninja badge, which correlates to study skills, test prep, and time management classes.

But the Summer Smash Challenge isn’t the only way to boost your enrollments this summer. Here are a few more key gaps we’re seeing in class supply that you have the opportunity to fill:

First, weekend classes.

Right now, 33% of searchers are looking for summer classes that meet on Saturdays and Sundays. But, only 4% of listed classes have live meetings on those days. This is a significant gap between supply and demand that you could fill just by adding a few weekend sections of your top-performing courses.

Remember that while weekday classes do tend to fill up faster than weekend classes during the traditional school year, families’ needs change in the summer months. Weekend classes can prove to be very appealing to families that are busy with in-person camps or travel on weekdays.

Next, summer camps.

Summer Camps ranked in our Top 3 search terms this week. There’s currently higher demand than supply for camps for ages 3-4, so if you teach those ages, try listing a few extra camp sections. Also, if you’re noticing lower-than-expected bookings for summer camps for ages 14–16, that may be because we have a lot of supply in that area relative to the number of searches for that group.

And finally, trending subjects that need teachers.

We’re seeing a high demand but low supply for both English and math classes! This gap means there’s an opportunity to connect with parents searching for these subjects right now and increase your enrollments.

So, your action items for this week are:

  1. Keep the Summer Smash Challenge going strong by adding sections for all badges and building up hype with your learners
  2. Add a few more summer sections if you teach academic subjects—especially English and math
  3. Add weekend sections for your popular summer classes and camps

Lastly, we know we mentioned we’d be diving more into insights for Fall 2023 in this week’s highlights. We felt these insights about summer classes were the most timely and relevant to share this week instead, but we’ll be back with more predictions for the rest of the year next time.

Okay, that’s it for this week, see you again soon and happy teaching!

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