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Class topic requests

When parents message Outschool with requests for classes on topics that have few or no current listings on the platform, we share them here.

Updated bi-weekly

Check out this list of new topic requests submitted by parents to find inspiration for your next Outschool class. If any of these topics match your area of expertise, try meeting demand from families by listing a new class or section that
includes these keywords.

January 21, 2023


Drawing different types of flowers
Design class with Procreate art
Watercolor painting
Fashion design
Flower drawing and painting class

Games & Gaming

Theme Park Tycoon 2
VR/Virtual Reality Gaming Class

Book & Social Clubs

Guardians of Ga’Hoole book club
Studio Ghibli discussion group
Avatar movie social group for Avatar 1 and 2
Social group for military kids
Stormchasing social club

World Languages

Beginning Swedish
French for beginners
Hebrew for beginners
Japanese language tutoring
Class to learn how to speak in an American accent
Latin II tutoring/exam review

Life Skills & Career Prep

Self-confidence and leadership skills
Sewing basics: How to use a sewing machine
Learning more about sympathy
Authentic relating


Piano lessons
Harmonica for beginners


4th grade full curriculum math class
Rubik’s Cube 3×3 private classes

Science & Nature

Herbalism, making items with herbs
Horticulture, growing and propagating plants
Energy/matter ecosystems (5th grade)
Toy making with recycling (mechanics and physics)
Engineering: Basics of the variety of engineering studies/careers

Social Studies

Latin American History


Debate class
Grammar and writing
IEW structure
Conversational storytelling
Phonological and phonemic awareness for kindergartners

Coding & Tech

Learn how to code with Unreal Engine
Learn VFX or visual effects for anime and music videos

Sports, Health, & Wellness

Breakdancing (all levels)
Ballet Performance class
Figure skating (off-ice conditioning)
Preteen puberty and body awareness
NFL/American football rules and basics

Teach on your terms

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