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When parents message Outschool with requests for classes on topics that have few or no current listings on the platform, we share them here.

Updated bi-weekly

Check out this list of new topic requests submitted by parents to find inspiration for your next Outschool class. If any of these topics match your area of expertise, try meeting demand from families by listing a new class or section that
includes these keywords.

August 18, 2022

Back to School

Full year curriculum 4th grade math
Circle time (PreK – 2nd Grade)
Ongoing/semester study skills for homeschoolers
Semester marine biology course
Full year course on California history, culture and geography
Full curriculum 1st grade science


Caricature for beginners
How to crochet stuffed dolls
Drawing anime
How to create an original character, from concept to completion
How to draw in Disney style for Procreate
Filmmaking and directing class
Pottery class
Moving making set design
Waldorf inspired art

Games & Gaming

Just molded Minecraft classes
Minecraft build your own texture pack

Book/Social Clubs

Club for Celiac Kids
Weekly Pokemon Kahoot club
TVD Trivia or Fan Club
Warrior Cats Power Of Three Book Club
Weekly Terraria Mobile Club
Beatboxing Social Club
Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great Book Club
Nate the Great Book Club
Book Club for Stink book series
Goosebumps Book Club

World Languages

Arabic language
Chinese language for beginners
German language for preschoolers
Conversational Ghanaian language
Hindi language
Icelandic language
Armenian for beginners

Life Skills

Advanced debate class
How to become Twitch streamer
Morning cooking classes
How to become a home inspector
How to model for runways and commercials
How to make puff pastries and other desserts
How to bake red velvet cakes and cupcakes
How to move like Spiderman!


Advanced hip hop dancing: Popping, etc
Breakdancing: How to become a B-boy or B-girl
Piano lesson with current music
Ukulele lessons


Advanced algebra
Montessori math
Singapore math

Science & Nature

Mycology: mushrooms and fungi
How to train and care for pet rats
All about cockroaches — life cycle, diet, etc
House cat and dog genetics
How to write a science lab report

Social Studies

7 Wonders of the World
Major historical events from 1900 to present
Travel about the world geography class


Cursive for teens
Handwriting class for teens

Coding & Tech

Advanced Python programming
How to build a website on Squarespace
Roblox development for beginners
Intermediate Adobe animate
LumaFusion multitrack video editor
Rec Room – Oculus Quest 2 VR – How to use makers pen and design your own escape room
How to code and program the BBC micro:bit

Health & Wellness

Beginning ballet
Rollerskate for beginners

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