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Topic requests
Looking for some inspiration? View recent class topic requests from parents and learners that have few or no listings on the platform.

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Check out this list of new topic requests parents submitted to find inspiration for your next Outschool class. If any of these topics match your area of expertise, try meeting demand from families by listing a new class or section that
includes these keywords.

July 9, 2024

Topic RequestedAge Requested
Mindfulness and meditation6
Spanish immersion homework7
Digimon drawing class8
Bag Pipe Playing and Lessons9
Writing, story writing and handwriting9
beginner python covering basic conditional code, loops, basic data types 9
acting theater stage confidence9
How to start and run a t-shirt business9
Puberty class for girls 11
Intermediate level American Sign Language 11
Chinese class for intermediate learners 11
Animation for scratch11
Imitation writing class11
Meditation techniques for Dealing with Stress11
Story writing 11
Summertime Sips class12
New York State History12
Roller coasters from around the world. RMC built coasters. How they are built and design process. 12
3•3 Rubiks Cube- Learn the CFOP Speedcubing Method12
How to draw Pokemon using  various Procreate tools.12
Beetlejuice the Musical themed class13
Mandarin for beginners13
Getting Started with the Arduino Robot14
LGBTQIA+  creative writers club15
A Court of Thorns & Roses Book Club16
3D printing supplies list18


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