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Join Outschool’s Facebook groups to grow your network, ask questions, and get advice from fellow educator entrepreneurs.

Communities of Practice – Age Group

Connect with other educators who teach the same age groups.

Communities of Practice – Business Coaching Alumni

Meet other educators who have completed Outschool’s Business Coaching program to exchange ideas on how to grow your teaching business.

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Outschool’s Educator Hub

Grow your network, get advice from peers, and stay in the know by joining our main social group for all educators on Outschool.

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New & Future Educators

Find support and ask all your burning questions in this group for educators just starting their Outschool journey.

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Outschool Online Learning Community

Join this group for educators and parents of Outschool learners to share class listings and stay connected with families.

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New Educators — Apr/May/Jun 2023

If you just joined Outschool, check in with your peers who’ve also started their businesses this season.

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Organizations on Outschool

Connect with current and prospective organization administrators to ask questions, get feedback, and share tips for success.

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Educator Wellness Group

Practice self-care and take part in community events and activities focused on maintaining mental and physical health.

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Educator Book Club

Join Outschool’s book club for educators and participate in monthly live meetings plus an ongoing discussion in the group.

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Regional Communities

Connect with educators based in your world region.

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