Each week, we compile a list of the new topic requests submitted by parents. This list is shared in our weekly teacher email, but we will also update this article so that you can access it at any time. This article lists the requests from the past two weeks, as entered by families.

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April 11, 2021

Learners 3-5 are looking for…
Hot topics: Math, World Languages, and Music

Watch Parties 🧱
The Little Vampire Singalong
Kipo Social Group

Language Arts 📚
Pre-K Sight Words and Dance
Private Reading Lessons
Megaman—Reading, Letter Recognition

6-9 Year Olds are Looking for...
Hot Topics: Science, arts, and Language Arts

Life Skills 🎣
Fishing, baits, rods, fish, tricks
A Class Where Kids age 7-8 Can Come and See, or Show off their Frogs
Beginner Rollerblading Tricks
Entrepreneurship in Business for Kids

Cooking 🧁
Cooking Pretty Easy Desserts for Ages 8-10
No-Bake Brownies

Science 🐲
Bearded Dragons and How to Play with Them
Hamster Care and Training
Reptile Summer Camp Starting in June

10-14 Year Olds are Looking for…
Hot Topics: Arts, Life Skills, and Science

Reading and Writing ✍️
My Hero Academia Creative Writing
Mr. Lemoncello’s Whole Series
Writing: Expository Essay, Summary, Compare/Contrast Essay, Descriptive Writing

Gaming Together🕹
Dungeons and Dragons
Overwatch (PC) Social Gaming

Exploring Hobbies 🎙
VTuber Discussion
Amateur Yoyo Looping Tricks
Beginning DSLR Photography

15-18 Year Olds are Looking for…
Hot Topics: Life Skills, Arts and Language Arts

College Preparation for Success 🎓
Orientation for College
Career Choice for Teens

English Language Arts 📘
Literary Circle for Cry the Beloved Country
Senior English

Top 10 search terms with low results:
Tik Tok
Youtube Video Camp
Improving Fluency in Reading

April 4, 2021

Learners 3-5 are looking for…
Hot topics: Math, World Languages, and Music

World Languages 🌏
Urdu Beginner
Welsh for Littles
German Desserts and Dishes with Play Dough in German

New Interests Taking Off 🛫
The Mechanics of Flight for Plane Enthusiasts
Basic origami for Little Hands
Michael Jackson Dance Moves

Math 🧮
Dinosaur Math and Numbers
Advanced Math Games (multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, strong focus on play and socialization with peers)

6-9 Year Olds are Looking for...
Hot Topics: Coding and Technology, Math and World Languages

World Languages 🗣
Learning Gujarati language
Cantonese immersion doing something STEM
Swedish for beginners

Early Money Management 💵
Money Terms and Meaning
Spending and Saving Money
Entrepreneurship for kids

Performance Arts🕺🏽
Break Dancing Hip Hop Boys
Discuss, Sing the Songs, or Act Out Scenes from The Sound of Music
Private Acoustic Guitar Classes

10-14 Year Olds are Looking for…
Hot Topics: Math, Coding and Technology and Music

World Languages 🌏
Japanese Kanji
Korean Hangul
Latin Vocabulary Drills

Art 🎨
How to Write a Video Game Theme Song
Anime Fashion Age 12 to 14

Connect with Peers
Adoption - Connecting Kids Who’ve been Adopted
Teen Chat and Games Autism
Dealing with Divorce

15-18 Year Olds are Looking for…
Hot Topics: World Languages, Math, and Coding and Technology

Life Skills 🏦
Adulting 101 - Covering Practical Life Skills (Budgets, Insurance, Rent, Car Maintenance)
How to Make Money Today

English Language Arts📘
Poetry Coaching for UIL Competition
Dante's Inferno: A Literary Analysis

Cosplay and Fantasy 🧝‍♂️
Learning Elvish Language
Making Cosplay Masks

Top 10 search terms with low results

Shoe Tying
Magic School Bus
Wings of Fire escape room
How to draw human faces for beginners