Ever wonder what’s going on behind the scenes at Outschool’s Educator Library? Like all passionate librarians, our team members spend their time researching and organizing info, getting to know our patrons (educators like you), and creating resources that provide all educators on Outschool the insights and information they need to succeed.

A big piece of what we do is search for and develop ways to expand our Library and make it easy to access the best teaching, community, and business-building materials. On April 17, 2023, we’re excited to introduce you to four exciting additions and improvements to the Educator Library:

  • A remixed navigation menu that makes it easier to find what you need, when you need it
  • A redesigned Insights page, including brand-new seasonal predictions
  • The Educator Event Calendar, with info on all upcoming Outschool events for educators
  • The Organization Openings job board, where organization admins can share job postings

Read on for more info on what’s changed and how to make the most of these new resources as an educator entrepreneur.

Where’s that page again?

If you look at the top of this page, you may notice some small changes to the main navigation bar. In response to feedback from educators, we’ve redesigned these menu options to help you find the resources you need faster and to accommodate new additions (like the Event Calendar).

Here’s a rundown of where all of the new and popular resources on the Library live:


This tab is your redesigned one-stop shop for all of our frequently updated enrollment, search, and seasonal trend data shared with educators. These insights are some of our most popular Library resources. Educators use this info to make informed decisions about new class topics and times, meeting demand from families, and preparing for seasonal changes on Outschool.

Trending Now

Here’s where we’ve gathered all of our bi-weekly insights and action items videos from the Outschool team, search and demand trends, and global insights to help you grow your business.

NEW: Outschool Outlook

Check out our just-released, brand new seasonal tips resource! Right now we’re featuring our hottest predictions for summer 2023. We’ll update this section of the Library every few months with our predictions for what will rule the Outschool market in upcoming seasons.

Lastly, the Pricing Guide is now located under its own tab on the Insights menu.


We’ve reorganized your favorite Educator Handbook articles into four main categories: Business & Marketing, Teaching & Curriculum, Educator Stories, and Getting Started (for new and up-and-coming educators). Each category also includes a search bar to help you locate resources on specific topics, or you can take a minute to simply browse these categories and see what’s new!

What’s the difference between the Insights page and the Business & Marketing section of the Handbook?
Both resources are designed to help you build your teaching business! There is an important distinction to keep in mind as you navigate the Library:

  • Insights are data-driven, frequently updated trends and predictions that change regularly based on recommendations from our analytics team. Bookmark this page to stay up to date with shifting demand and searches from Outschool families.
  • Business & Marketing Handbook resources provide broader business ideas and strategies that can be used to achieve your long-term goals on Outschool. Examples include articles on how to create class funnels, how to build a brand, and where to market your business. We frequently add new articles here, but they just won’t include the topical stats you’ll find in the Insights section.

In the Handbook, you’ll also find Outschool’s ACE Teaching Framework. Visit this page for more info on how to become an ACE Educator and complete professional learning opportunities alongside your peers!


The educator community on Outschool is an incredible resource for any educator entrepreneur looking for connection, advice, feedback, and support. Under this tab, you’ll find several resources to help you stay connected with the Outschool community and up to date with company and industry news.

Community Groups

It’s time to find your people. Explore our social and professional community groups to enrich your Outschool experience and learn alongside your fellow educator entrepreneurs.

NEW: Organization Openings

In response to feedback from our community, we’re excited to launch this new space where organizations can connect with prospective teachers.

Educators can browse all open posts and contact the posting organization directly to learn more or apply for an open position. Organization owners searching for talented teachers to join their team may submit job postings using a simple form at the bottom of this page.

Company & Industry News

Looking for info on platform updates, company news, and industry trends? Head here for the latest news from the Outschool team!

NEW: Events

The Outschool team is excited to bring you a brand new Educator Events Calendar that includes all of our upcoming community and professional learning live events for educators.

Looking for the date of the next Community Meeting? Searching for an ACE Framework course that fits in your schedule? Interested in joining a live Class Listing Workshop with an Outschool expert? Now, you can find all of those opportunities and more right here on the Library!

We’ll be updating this calendar often with new and exciting events (many of them completely free for approved educators)! Want to be the first to know about new events and save your spot in limited-seat meetings? Subscribe to the educator events email list!

So take a moment to browse the stacks in our reimagined Library. Have any questions or feedback about these updates? Or any big ideas for more updates and improvements we could make to the Educator Library in the future? Let us know by completing this quick survey!