In 2023, educators on Outschool spent almost 1.3 million hours teaching over 1.7 million classes across the globe. As we look toward the year ahead, the Outschool team is excited to celebrate everything we’ve been able to achieve together this past year.

In our second annual Best in Class report, we’re taking a look back on the past year and sharing brand-new insights and special recognitions of educators and classes that topped the charts in 2023. Of course, it’s impossible to measure the impact our educators have had on learners and their families this year in statistics alone.

If only we could count up the friendships made, skills developed, challenges overcome, and moments of joy in our virtual classrooms. If we could just find a way to calculate how many kids feel more confident, more connected, and more prepared for their future because of an Outschool class—then maybe we’d get close to truly measuring what our community has accomplished this year.

Even so, we hope this report can serve as a recognition of the incredible achievements of our educator community and a way to pull back the curtain on trends and topics that drove enrollments this year.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The most popular subjects, classes, and meeting days of 2023
  • Words of advice from educators who led bookings for a variety of categories
  • Inspiration for how you can grow your business in 2024

Thank you to every educator who has joined us in our mission to set learning free. Whether you taught 10 or 10,000 learners this year, you have made a difference in the lives of families around the world. Here’s to another year of reimagining what education can be.