We go to libraries for escape, transformation, and connection. Imagine that moment when you take your first step inside the hushed building, the moment you’re struck by the endless possibilities before you. What will you learn today? Who will you meet? How will you be different when you walk back out the door?

Our redesigned virtual Educator Library gives educators on Outschool a space where inspiration is around every corner. We invite you to explore the stories, guides, courses, and community groups here whenever you have a burning question or a desire to leap forward toward a new goal as an educator entrepreneur.

Thousands of educators have enhanced their classes or built better businesses with Library resources, and now there are even more reasons to bookmark this page. While at first glance you may notice the updated look and feel of the Library, there’s more waiting for you within the stacks.

Wander around and look for our new:

  • Business Toolkit: Your go-to place for all things entrepreneurial. We’ll keep this page updated with tangible tools to help you grow your business.
  • Insights: The new home of class topic requests, enrollment stats, and more behind-the-scenes data to help you boost bookings.
  • Educator Stories: A collection of content that includes interviews and advice from educators on Outschool.

Along with these additions, we’ve focused on uplifting the entire Library experience. Whether you’re looking to join a community group, want the latest company news, or are ready to dive into a professional learning course — it’s all here.

Educators like you are the foundation of our success as a global learning platform, and we hope this Library helps you grow in any direction you choose. The Outschool team is dedicated to learning alongside our educators and families, too, so there will always be new resources and opportunities popping up across the Library.

Make note of our new URL, www.outschool.com/library, then bookmark your favorite pages and make it a habit to stop by and see what’s new! If there’s ever a resource you just can’t find here but know could have a big impact on your business, let our librarians know (they’re great listeners).