As an educator on Outschool, you have a tremendous impact on learners all over the world. By teaching what you are passionate about, you fuel the passions of hundreds of thousands of kids and teens who enroll in classes on Outschool. We want our educator community to know that the meaningful learning experiences that you create never go unnoticed.

This year, we’re recognizing a select number of active educators for their continued commitment to building their business on Outschool with payments and gifts valued at over $3,000,000.

Active educators are defined as those who have sold at least one class since May 1, 2021. These educators will receive either a special one-time payment reflecting their contribution to the Outschool platform or a gift from Outschool. If you are eligible to receive a payment, you will receive a deposit for the eligible amount in your PayPal account on December 8th. If you are eligible for a gift from Outschool, you will receive an email with more information. Please see the FAQ at the bottom of this post for more details regarding which educators will receive payments and gifts.

Educators are essential to every bit of success that Outschool has seen over the past few years, and we’re excited to partner with you for years to come. The explosive growth our platform has experienced would never have been possible without your dedication to inspiring learners each and every day. We want to share the financial success of our business with educators through “thank you” gifts like this and the development of the Teacher Endowment Fund. Amir Nathoo, Outschool CEO, says:

“We are so grateful for our teachers’ daily contribution and impact on the lives of learners on Outschool. We see teachers as creative, entrepreneurial professionals who, too often, have been underappreciated in our society. As we continue to grow and innovate, we will continue to seek input and feedback from our amazing community of teachers. Together, we can create a space where every kid with any interest can learn what they love.”

We know that many of you consistently go above and beyond expectations to deliver an excellent experience for learners, and we’re excited to have this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work that you do. For those of you just getting started, or who are interested in ramping your businesses back up on Outschool, our door is open and our community is standing by to support you.

This is the first time we’ve done this type of surprise gift at Outschool, and we hope it comes as a welcome surprise to our active educators. While there may be other opportunities to earn “thank you” payments and other rewards in the future, we cannot commit to an annual or other performance-based payment structure at this time. We are continuing to work out the details of how we may support educators through the Teacher Endowment Fund as we continue to grow as a company.

We’re so proud to have such a talented and passionate group of educators with us on this journey to create a global learning community. Thank you, again and again, for bringing your talents to Outschool.


How were the funds and gifts calculated?

We’re rewarding educators in good standing who have been active in 2021 and who have earned over $5000 in their lifetime (take-home earnings) on the platform as of Nov 1, 2021. Then we distribute the pool of money in proportion to the earnings of those who are eligible. Because the individual commitment of educators on the Outschool platform varies greatly, there will also be a wide range of payments.

We’re also sending Outschool gifts to educators who have sold at least one class since May 1, 2021 but whose total earnings are below $5000.

How will I get the money?

If you were eligible to receive the payment, you should see a deposit into your PayPal account on file for the amount you’re eligible for. Payment was sent on Dec 8, 2021 with a special message:

“Thanks for your contributions to Outschool! Here is your one-time ‘thank you’ payment.”

Will I need to pay taxes on this payment?

Yes, you will be responsible for any taxes associated with this payment, and you should report it the same way that you report your regular Outschool earnings.

Why were only active educators in 2021 eligible for payment?

We’re partnering with educators who are currently committed to growing with us, and activity over the last year was a good indication of that commitment.

Will these funds be distributed annually?

At this time, we can’t commit to an annual or performance-based payment structure. The company has grown quickly and made huge improvements to its platform in 2021. We’re excited for what is in store for 2022 with more programs, partnerships, hiring, and product improvements.

If I’m teaching under an organization, am I eligible to get a payment?

At this time, we’re only paying the organization admins on Outschool. We recommend reaching out to your organization to see how they are utilizing the payment.

If I started on the platform more recently (for example, since November 2021) and have sold a class, will I still get a gift?

Only educators who have sold at least one class between May 1, 2021 – November 1, 2021 will be eligible to receive the Outschool gift.

If I was eligible to receive a gift, when would I receive it?

Gifts will be sent out in January 2022. You’ll need to choose your gift by Dec 31, 2021 to receive it in January.

How do I get help if I’m eligible for the fund or gift and I didn’t receive it?

If you believe you’re eligible for the payment or the gift and you didn’t receive it, please contact

Why is Outschool paying educators a bonus if they’re not considered Outschool employees?

One of the key reasons educators join our platform is to gain more independence by building their own teaching businesses. We want to respect that, while also rewarding their commitment to our platform.

This one-time “thank you” payment is to show our appreciation and partnership with teachers who are committed to growing on the Outschool platform. We believe that educators and creators should share in the success of a creator economy.