Company News   May 31, 2022  ▪  2 min read
New Outschool App Launches for Learners
We’re empowering kids and teens to join online classes from anywhere with our new iOS application.

We’ve made it easier than ever for learners to join Outschool classes using a mobile device. The new Outschool iOS app will allow kids to join classes on the go using an iPhone or iPad. Learners will be able to access live meetings, get notifications when a class is starting, and receive messages from educators directly to their devices. These features are designed to empower learners as they take an active role in their Outschool experience.

Educators don’t need to change their usual routines to connect with learners using the app. Learners will automatically be able to interact with educators in the same way they do through the Outschool website, with the added bonus of real-time notifications and less dependence on an adult to log them into a computer to start class.

While this app is just for learners, we hope to help educators by:
  • Making it easy for learners to participate in classes independently
  • Reducing common tech issues and tardiness
  • Encouraging strong learner/educator connections with built-in messaging features

This is our first-ever app for learners, and we’re excited to continue to make improvements and enhancements over time. Right now, we’ll only be launching an iOS version of the app, but we plan to release a version compatible with Android devices next. We’re also working on building in more features that give learners access to everything Outschool has to offer, including Groups.

Once again, educators don’t need to make any adjustments to their teaching or communication processes. We hope you begin to see excited learners signing up for classes and saying “hello” from their mobile devices as soon as this week!


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