As educators, you know that growth sometimes involves changing up your style, words, and big-picture dreams. We are proud of where we started and what we’ve learned along the way. The time has come for Outschool to give a big, warm welcome to a new look and feel for our platform, revealing the endless possibility of our future.

While our product and mission have not changed, we have evolved. After seven years of stretching our skills to build a space where kids love learning, we’re looking at the world with fresh eyes. Our bold new brand is here to break us out of our shell and ignite interest in Outschool’s world of endless knowledge and wonder. We believe we can prepare the next generation to thrive in a changing world if we reimagine what education can be for all learners.

Together, we’ve built a stage for all learners – from tiny tots to teens – to shine. Outschool is a place where they can be curious and confident, irreverent and kind. As we take this step toward the future, we’re dedicated to keeping Outschool a place where you – our committed educators – are free to teach what you love, connect with passion-driven learners around the world, and build a business that puts you in control of your livelihood. We hope to continue to inspire educators on Outschool to pursue:

  • Independence by teaching what, how, and when you want.
  • Passion through teaching the topics you love to share with your learners.
  • Engagement in small-group classes with fired-up students who want to learn.
  • Impact by connecting with learners from all over the world.
  • Opportunity to build a business and generate income teaching online.

Your teaching business is a vital part of Outschool’s brand identity, and we’re grateful for your continued dedication to limitless learning. Check out this resource to learn more about using the Outschool brand to promote your classes and access downloadable logo files to use in your own marketing materials.

We’re excited to take this next step hand in hand with the inspiring individuals who make it all possible: educators like you.

“We have come so far from where we started, and we could not have gotten to this point without the commitment of our educators. Our new brand reflects Outschool’s growth and the hard work of those who continue to foster the imagination and knowledge of learners across the world. With your help, we are reimagining what education can be.”

– Amir Nathoo, Head of Outschool

Just like identities take time to grow, flex, and form, so will our brand. Over the next few months, you’ll see Outschool’s new brand identity unfold across the entire Outschool experience, including the Educator Library and community groups.

Together, we can set learning free.

For more insights into Outschool’s journey to rebranding, check out our interview and Q&A session with Rico Nasol, Outschool’s Head of Content, recorded live in the Educator Hub on launch day.