January is Outschool’s biggest month of the year for bookings and enrollments. Many families start planning their entire school year as soon as August comes to a close, and 2023 bookings have continued to rise over the past several weeks.

Make sure you don’t miss out on a January bookings bump that could be the difference between reaching your business goals and falling short this season. Follow the 5 tips below to gear up for another great year of teaching what you love on Outschool.

Outschool’s 2023 class listing checklist

1. List classes ASAP

Families start shopping for January classes as early as September each year, so if your 2023 sections aren’t listed yet—what are you waiting for? You may have the best class on the platform for your teaching topic, but families can’t sign up for it if it isn’t listed.

Make sure you’re keeping up with seasonal changes in demand on Outschool, and try making it a goal to add January sections for your new or existing classes as soon as possible.

2. Teach multiple class formats

Expand your reach by adding multiple class formats for each of your teaching topics. Semester, ongoing, 1-on-1, and short-term classes are particularly popular in January, and families may be looking for different combos of class types depending on their learning goals.

Just like a retail clothing store may offer different sizes, colors, and styles of a popular t-shirt, you can make sure your class catalog is filled with options to fit different families’ needs.

If you’ve already prepared curriculum for a stellar semester class, try condensing your lessons into a short-term camp or intensive course. Or create an ongoing class with your favorite standalone lessons and activities on a topic you love! And don’t forget that 1-on-1 lessons are a great way to offer flexible options for individual learners (more on that later).

3. Know which topics are trending

Every two weeks, Outschool shares up-to-date insights on which classes are in demand, class topic requests, and seasonal trends to help you create classes that hit the mark with your learners.

Check out which classes were a hit in January 2022 and which topics we predict will top the charts this year as you design classes for the new year.

one on one teaching

4. Offer tutoring

We’re currently seeing a shortage of 1-on-1 classes with available sections in January—could you fill gaps in your teaching schedule with tutoring options? 1-on-1 classes give you the chance to form deeper connections with your existing learners and attract new families to your business with personalized class options.

Many educators incorporate both small-group and 1-on-1 classes into their regular teaching routine to increase retention and meet their financial goals for their business. As families enter the second semester of their school year in January, they’re looking for customized lessons that can help their learners work toward mastery or explore a special interest.

Pro tip: Use the auto-scheduling feature to add tons of available private class times for families looking for 1-on-1 options.

parent and child do a science experiment

5. Connect with special interest groups

Outschool has observed a growing number of homeschooling families and families with neurodiverse learners searching and signing up for classes on our platform.

To attract these growing communities to your business, think about how you could design classes to meet their specific needs. Homeschoolers may be looking for full-curriculum, academic, or enrichment classes that align with their age level and interests. If you have expertise in working with neurodiverse learners, make sure you include keywords in your listings that tell parents you’re excited to support their learners in class.

If your background and qualifications make you the perfect teacher for another community of families on Outschool, pay attention to which keywords may help drive those families to your listings when searching for classes.

Okay, ready, set… start checking off those boxes and get ready to win the new year! Don’t forget to share in the Educator Hub that you’ve listed your classes for January and cheer on your fellow educators on Outschool.