In response to your feedback, we’ve created a new space to house all the most up-to-date information to grow your online teaching business, create engaging learning experiences, and design high-quality classes that impact learners and drive enrollments. With everything in one place, you can spend more time teaching and less time researching multiple channels for what you need.

Wondering how we got here? Let’s take a look at our design process.

Updates based on educator feedback

When members of the educator community send us messages, fill out surveys, or post in social groups like the Facebook Educator Hub, we use that feedback to create improvements that enhance your experience on Outschool. We were inspired by comments and questions surrounding a few specific areas:

  • Could we centralize educator resources, instead of spreading them out across different pages and website areas?
  • Could we make searching for and locating specific information, policies, or learning oppotunities easier for educators?
  • Could we do more to support educators’ learning as they grow as instructors and business owners?

With these ideas in mind, we set to work building an intuitive and well-organized center of educator materials and resources. Throughout the design process, we asked a group of current educators on Outschool to review the work-in-progress and provide feedback for our team. This beta testing gave us essential insights into where we were on the right track and what gaps we could fill to make sure the Educator Library you see today is meeting educators’ needs.

Opportunities to learn & connect

When you visit the Educator Library, you’ll have access to a wide range of learning opportunities designed specifically for educators like you. Whether you’re looking for tips on a singular aspect of online teaching or searching for something that might spark your next great class idea, you can find it here!

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn what you want, when you want, and develop your online teaching and business skills at your own pace
  • Save time by eliminating the need to search multiple channels for professional development or business coaching opportunities
  • Connect and share your expertise with other Outschool educators

Inside the Educator Library

We’ve organized the information housed on this site into four main categories:

  • The Learning Center. Find and search all of Outschool’s professional development courses for new and experienced educators.
  • Educator Resources. Explore our teaching guides, educator handbook, and community resources.
  • Educator Spotlights. View featured top-performing educators and learn their advice for building a successful business on Outschool.
  • The Educator Blog. Stay in-the-know with the latest industry news, market insights, and company news.

And here’s the thing – we’re just getting started. The Educator Library will be a valuable information hub that we will continue to improve over time. New content will be added on a regular basis, so be sure to check back frequently for all the latest news and resources. To make it easy to visit the Educator Library often, we recommend bookmarking the page within your web browser. See instructions for creating a bookmark on Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Ready to explore these features and discover new and exciting ways to grow as an educator entrepreneur on Outschool? Let’s go!

To help us continue to build a better Outschool experience, we’d appreciate your feedback on the Educator Library once you’ve had a chance to explore the site! To let us know your thoughts, simply fill out this short survey.