Are you curious about why families continue to choose online classes for their learners? We asked parents to share their favorite thing about Outschool, and their answers show us why virtual classes taught by incredible educators remain in high demand across the globe. The online learning market is projected to reach $350 billion by 2025 – and for good reason. Even as many schools and in-person activities are getting back to normal, parents expressed that the learning opportunities from educator entrepreneurs on Outschool give their families something they can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re thinking about preparing for your first class or want to know more about the impact your teaching has on your learners and their families, read on for the four biggest reasons parents say they’re sticking with Outschool.

Diverse learning opportunities

Parents say Outschool gives them the opportunity to expose their learners to subjects and classes that they could never find where they live or that match their unique passions.

“My favorite thing about Outschool is the opportunity to enroll my kiddo in classes that are not offered in our area. Pokémon math, Lego club, and other classes he has taken aren’t available locally. He’s had the opportunity to engage with teachers and students from around the world.”

“My kiddos can pursue their interests, learn something new, dig deeper into an academic subject, or get help on a subject they are struggling with.”

“I find myself adding so many classes to my favorites to show my son. We’ve participated in core educational classes, emotional support classes… piano lessons, and story/craft/dance holiday classes. There is something for all children on Outschool.”

Expert instructors from around the world

Families love that their kids can build relationships with experienced educators from all over the globe. Knowing that they can trust Outschool teachers to be passionate experts at what they do makes it easy to supplement brick-and-mortar school or homeschool learning with interactive, person-to-person classes that match their interests.

“I love the global aspect of Outschool, both in terms of teachers from all over and classmates from around the world. The world has become my child’s classroom! It’s also wonderful to be able to find real experts in certain topics, too, like vet techs who teach canine anatomy or published authors who teach writing classes.”

“Outschool provides us with the opportunity to have access to teachers and content that we wouldn’t have readily available otherwise. With Outschool I know that my kids are learning from experts and are learning to think critically to be world-changers.”

Flexibility & accessibility

Many parents mentioned the ease and flexibility of Outschool classes. Because they don’t need to pile the family in the car and drive to different activities, their kids are able to take more classes and spend more time doing what they love. Whether they need a one-time class to fill unexpected time at home or choose multi-day classes that meet regularly, there’s something to fit every schedule.

“My little one joins over 10 different classes a week during school time and over 20 during vacation and still has plenty of free time to play since the classes are virtual and we don’t have to commute between classes. She has joined everything from a fun class like ‘Jokes with Juice,’ drawing, learning chess, coding, spelling bees, creative writing, and public speaking! We love the variety and quality of the classes!”

“[My favorite thing about Outschool is] the accessibility of finding a variety of classes for my learner, whether it be educational, fun, or social. Outschool has so many classes available. And another cool feature is that you can choose to do a one-day class, multi-day class, or semester-long class. I like how easy it is to find something that fits into our busy schedule.”

“We love that we can take Outschool with us – if we are spending a week at the lake we can sign our daughter up for a class to engage her in a topic that interests her while my husband and I get a little bit of work done before a day of family fun.”

“[We like how] recurring classes/clubs on Outschool can become part of our weekly routine.”

Meaningful connections with peers and teachers

Families who use Outschool tell us that a positive educator and class experience can be a more important deciding factor than the class topic when deciding to enroll. Learners and educators alike thrive in virtual classrooms that celebrate diversity, encourage friendships, and provide a space to share your passions with people who truly “get it.”

“I love that my child is able to find communities of people from all over that share common interests and engage with them in a meaningful way.”

“My favorite thing is that my son has found a recurring group that has been meeting for over a year that he really enjoys. During the pandemic, it was often his only contact with people his age.”

“I like that my son can see the same teacher from week to week. He’s generally too shy to unmute himself during class, but he still gets the feeling of familiarity as he and the instructor get to know each other in their own way. I also really like that Outschool gives my anxious child a way to try new things within the reassuring space of our home.”

Meet demand from parents with your own unique classes

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