Bad reviews happen from time to time, even for the most experienced teachers. While no one enjoys receiving or giving bad reviews, they are a natural part of the Outschool ecosystem. This article is here to help guide you through the aftermath of a bad review and to remind you that your teaching quality is not defined by a single review.

Bad reviews are hard for both teachers and parents. Teachers dedicate themselves to creating a nurturing learning environment, and a lot of their success on Outschool starts with a good review. Parents hope to give their children an enjoyable experience on Outschool, and when their expectations are not met, it can be heartbreaking for all parties involved.

💡 Instead of worrying about complaints, focus on the solution.
When a parent messages you directly with a concern, make it a priority to resolve their complaint promptly. The longer you let a bad message sit in your inbox, the more time the parent has to build up further dissatisfaction, which could lead to a bad review.

💡 Acknowledge the parent’s sentiments.
The best way to engage in a conflict is to make sure that the opposing party knows that you are listening and hearing their concerns. A good way to word this would be “Thank you for messaging me directly about this, I understand how this situation can be upsetting, and I want to do what I can to amend that for you and your learner”

💡 It’s okay to give a refund.
Each teaching profile on Outschool is its own independent business, and sometimes businesses grant refunds to their customers in order to guarantee satisfaction. Sometimes apologizing and refunding a parent early on can help prevent getting a worse review, or having that parent speak poorly of you to other parents. Here at Outschool, if a parent comes to us directly to request a refund, we provide one as part of our happiness guarantee.

💡 Honesty is the best policy.
While it is human nature to want to overcompensate for a bad review, make sure not to make false promises, or set expectations too high. We have found that an honest and sincere apology with a realistic offering is the best action to take.

💡 Don’t beat yourself up.
Getting a bad review or a complaint message is absolutely normal. As you field requests from parents, remember to be gentle with yourself, for this is how businesses grow! Every successful person has received negative feedback before. Even the Atlantic Ocean has haters on Google Maps!


For guidance with handling specific reviews, see the next article called Common Complaints And How To Resolve Them.