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How to price your Self-Paced classes
Learn the formula to maximize your passive income opportunity by pricing your Self-Paced classes for success.
Self-Paced Pricing

Self-paced classes offer numerous benefits for both you and your learners. For one thing, asynchronous classes provide flexibility, allowing learners to access class materials and participate in discussions at their convenience, regardless of their time zones or schedules. This flexibility promotes inclusivity and accessibility, enabling learners from various backgrounds to engage with the content.

From your perspective, asynchronous classes offer scalability, allowing you to reach a broader audience without being constrained by time or physical location. This scalability facilitates the dissemination of knowledge to a global audience, enriching the learning experience for learners and promoting cultural exchange.

On top of that, asynchronous classes provide opportunities for you to incorporate diverse multimedia resources and interactive activities, enhancing engagement and interactivity. 

Finding your worth in asynchronous learning

When creating Self-paced classes, the goal is to increase availability and on-demand access to learning for families, even when you cannot teach live. This kind of flexibility means more learning opportunities for learners while also earning passive income for yourself.

However, knowing the “right” price for any class can be challenging. While Self-Paced classes are a form of passive income, you put a lot of upfront time and effort into building these classes for Outschool learners. 

In this post, we’re looking at how to price Self-Paced classes, the reasoning behind the pricing, and suggestions to help families see the value of your new offerings.

Pricing Self-Paced Classes

With all the work you’re putting in to make your Self-Paced class successful, you want to ensure you’re charging a fair price.

So, what should you charge? We suggest pricing your Self-Paced classes between $15 and $20 each week.

Here’s why. 

Your knowledge and time are valuable

Charging between $15 and $20 per week for families to access asynchronous online class content ensures that you are fairly compensated for your time, expertise, and resources invested in developing and delivering high-quality class materials. This price allows you to offer valuable educational experiences while covering your operational costs.

Secondly, having a competitive price encourages a sense of commitment and accountability among students and their families. When individuals invest financially in their education, they are more likely to:

* Actively engage with the class content

* Participate in discussions

* Complete assignments leading

Doing so leads to better learning outcomes and a more fulfilling educational experience for students.

Charging a reasonable price also helps maintain the integrity and value of the education provided. It signals to students and families that the content is high quality and worth investing in. Creating a perception of value can contribute to higher levels of student satisfaction and retention.

Furthermore, offering online classes at an affordable price point makes them accessible to a broader range of learners, including those from lower-income backgrounds. By keeping the cost within a reasonable range, educators can ensure that financial barriers do not prevent individuals and families from accessing valuable educational opportunities.

Giving Value

Remember that you’re offering more than just a couple of pre-recorded videos for learners. Instead, create engaging, well-organized, and comprehensive materials demonstrating expertise in the subject matter. High-quality content includes multimedia resources, interactive elements, and clear learning objectives.

With Self-Paced classes, families still get the benefits of interacting with you, evaluations in the form of homework, grades, or assessments (all of which use your time outside the classroom), and access to your content to rewatch and relearn as needed.

Don’t underestimate the value of these “extras” in an asynchronous learning environment. You’re worth it!

For more information on how to grow as an online educator and build your online teaching business, be sure to check out our Educator Library.

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