The top 10 reasons why you should offer Self-Paced classes
Find out why creating Self-Paced classes is a win-win situation for you and your learners.
Self-Paced Reasons

Asynchronous learning has opened up many doors for learners and educators at Outschool. But are you holding back? Although offering Self-Paced classes is a great way to grow and scale your online teaching business, there are several reasons why you might be hesitating.

Maybe it’s because you think the videos you create are not as good as your live classes or you worry that no one will pay for what you teach. Maybe you don’t want to create pre-recorded videos because you don’t think anyone will want to watch them. But that’s not the case!

In this post, we’re sharing the top 10 reasons you should offer Self-Paced classes. As a bonus, we will help you combat those fears and reach even more learners!

Reason 1: Convenience

If you’re already teaching online classes, you’re probably maxing out your schedule by teaching as much as possible. With Self-Paced classes, you can continue to teach outside of your regular hours and even have learners watching videos while you’re simultaneously teaching live. Having the ability to reach more learners without creating and scheduling more live hours is super convenient. On top of that, it’s equally convenient for learners who may not live in a time zone that aligns with your live teaching hours. (More on that below.)

Reason 2: You can set it & forget it (almost)

With Self-Paced learning, you can create content once but sell it multiple times. While this does take some upfront planning and preparation, once you’ve outlined your lessons, recorded your videos, and set up your classroom, the hard work is all done! The best part? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you can repurpose content you’re already using to make smaller bite-sized versions of your popular listings. You can also create mini-versions of popular classes and focus only on specific topics. 

Reason 3: Create anywhere at any time

One of the best things about teaching on Outschool is the flexibility. Since you do not have to log on to a live class for Self-Paced learning, you can make lessons and videos when you have the time – day or night. Are you thinking about taking a trip or a break from live teaching? You don’t have to stop earning money. With Self-Paced classes, you can create content that learners can access even when you’re not around.

Reason 4: Reach a new audience

Can or do you only teach during a set time? If this is the case, thousands of potential learners are missing out on your content. With Self-Paced courses, learners around the globe can access your lessons at a time that works best for them – even if you’re sleeping! Maybe you’ve always wanted to reach learners in the East Asia market but just can’t get up that early. That’s okay! With Self-Paced classes, you can create lessons for ESL learners or anyone outside your time zone.

Reason 5: It’s not that hard

If you’re worried that creating a Self-Paced class is too hard, we’re here to tell you that you can do it! As an online educator, you already know how to make slides, create engaging lessons, and teach using Zoom. The only difference with Self-Paced learning is that instead of teaching to live learners, you’re teaching to the camera. 

Keep in mind that Self-Paced classes do not have to be 20 weeks long. Instead, consider creating shorter classes in parts or offering bite-sized versions of your longer classes. Also, unlike a live class, the ideal video length is 15-20 minutes long.

Reason 6: It benefits various learning needs

More and more families are using online learning to supplement their learning, because of the many benefits it provides. On top of that, Self-Paced learning offers flexibility, reduced scheduling conflicts, and increased content choices to fit personal learning needs when a learner cannot attend a scheduled class. With asynchronous learning, learners can go at their own pace and revisit complex or challenging material more than once for mastery.

Reason 7 – Affordability

Do you offer discounts or coupon codes for your live classes? If so, then Self-Paced is another way to share your knowledge affordably. With Self-Paced classes, you can set a price lower than a live class. We’re suggesting between $15 to $20 per week.

Why? Because your classes have a ton of value! 

Reason 8 – Scalable learning opportunities

With Self-Paced learning, you can create a variety of “next” classes based on the projected needs of learners. For example, if you create a math class about addition, you might also make a class on subtraction, multiplication, or division. You may have multiple addition classes (part 1, part 2, etc.) that get increasingly harder with each class. A successful Self-Paced learning experience may funnel into other pre-recorded lessons or encourage a learner to join your live classes.

Reason 9: Marketing tool for live classes

There are numerous ways that you can market your Outschool classes: word-of-mouth, social media campaigns, and using keywords in your listings, amongst others. Families who enjoy your teaching style/methodology are more likely to join a live class. Now, you can promote your Self-Paced courses year-round to gain more attention for your online teaching business, since learners can join any time.

Reason 10 – Generate passive income

Last but not least is one of the biggest benefits to educators: the opportunity to make money even when you’re not actively teaching. With Self-Paced classes, you can have multiple “classes” going simultaneously to reach more learners. So, while you’re teaching live, eating lunch, or catching up on some much-needed sleep, there’s a chance to generate income. You’ve put in all the hard work of creating lessons, slides, videos, and more – why not share your knowledge and teaching talents further and with more learners?

So, what are you waiting for? 

Head over to your educator dashboard and start listing those Self-Paced classes today!

For more information on how to grow as an online educator and build your online teaching business, be sure to check out our Educator Library.

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