Like so many other things, the way the world learns underwent a dramatic shift because of COVID-19. Campus Technology reports that the e-learning market hit $250 billion last year and is projected to hit $1 trillion by 2027. What’s driving this exciting industry toward new growth, and why should educators consider starting an online teaching business? Let’s take a look.

Why has the online learning industry experienced such massive growth?

Even before the global pandemic, interest in online learning had been gaining significant traction over the last decade. Virtual spaces were becoming more popular as educational institutions looked for accessible ways to offer more learning experiences. and there was also a growing need to provide efficient, quality training to employees in the corporate sector. Outschool, for example, was founded in 2016 as an innovative education platform that gave kids the unique opportunity to explore their passions with qualified, experienced educators.

Outschool was already experiencing promising growth by 2020 when, as we know all too well, COVID-19 hit and forced schools, post-secondary institutions, and education organizations to work and learn remotely, even further boosting the use of and demand for online learning alternatives.

Learners have relied heavily on e-learning platforms these past 18 months to mitigate the pandemic impact on their education and career prospects. In an online learning environment, learners and educators can enter a virtual classroom with the help of a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Most e-learning systems are based on cloud-based computing platforms that allow course and content designers to develop cost-effective and accessible learning experiences.

Other factors that have contributed to this increased adoption of online learning solutions include:

  • Personalized curriculum has helped families find learning experiences that fit their needs, especially where traditional schooling may fall short
  • New technologies, such as cloud computing, that have made e-learning easier and more user-friendly than ever
  • Increased internet access and improved network connectivity have made online learning available to more diverse demographics and communities
  • Our on-demand society is continually seeking on-demand solutions, and online learning meets this demand

Benefits of online teaching

Offering virtual classes affords all sorts of wins for educators. A few big ones include:

  1. Independence: Bypass bureaucracy and teach what, how, and when you want.
  2. Passion: Teach the topics you’re most passionate about and personally interested in.
  3. Engagement: Host small-group classes with engaged students who want to learn.
  4. Opportunity: Build your own business and generate more income by teaching online.
  5. Impact: Connect with learners from all over the world, many of whom may not have access to similar learning experiences in their communities.

And finally, let’s talk about the incredible opportunities for creativity in the online learning space. Educators can adapt and develop unique programming that aligns with current events, trends, and stories meaningful to learners. On Outschool, educators are offering unique, can’t-find-them-anywhere-else classes for kids like:

  • Forensic Psychology: How to Detect a Lie
  • Broadway Musical Theatre Dance Class
  • African Diaspora Studies for Kids & Teens
  • Urdu Language Immersion
  • Make Your Own Earth Pigments for Painting
  • Real World Geology of “Lord of the Rings”

How to get involved

Now that the world has experienced a real taste of online learning, the industry needs talented and qualified educators to develop and deliver quality classes.

Outschool took the number one spot on Fast Company’s list of the ten most innovative education companies of 2021. Fast Company describes Outschool as a “marketplace for virtual extracurriculars, such as ukulele lessons and food-science experiments, for learners aged three to eighteen. For working parents, those activities have become a pandemic lifeline.”

For anyone interested in getting into online teaching, Outschool is a fantastic option. Anyone with relevant experience in a topic area (whether as a formal teacher or an experienced professional) can apply to be an independent contractor approved to teach classes for learners ages 3-18 on Outschool. Once you’re approved, you’re ready to start creating classes and building your business!

Technology-wise, all that you need is a computer that can run Zoom video conferencing and a reliable, fast internet connection. Outschool facilitates online payouts and registrations, making it easy to access a global community of over one million learners. By handling all support logistics, educators on Outschool are free to focus on designing fun, exciting classes and building strong connections with learners.

Learn more about becoming a part of the Outschool educator community and sign up to teach today!