Class Trends in December & January
Find out which classes usually receive a bump in bookings this time of year.

Every year around December and January, we notice families signing up for more semester and camp classes. We’ve pulled enrollment data from last year to help you plan your schedule and offer classes that learners will love!

Semester Classes

Most popular time: 8am-2pm PST
Most popular age group: 5-11
Most popular subjects: English, World Languages, Science & Nature, and Arts

Winter Camps

Most popular time: 8am-12pm PST
Most popular age group: 3-9 (This group also loves one-time winter classes.)
Most popular topics: Santa Visits, Frozen, Hot Cocoa Bombs, Holiday Dance Parties

Remember to always teach what you’re passionate about. If you’ll be hosting a Santa Visit class, make sure you’re familiar with Outschool’s policies for playing Santa Claus. Otherwise, head on over to your dashboard to create a class!

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