Gift Enrollments

(October 2020)

We’re excited to announce a new feature that makes it easy for parents to enroll groups of learners in class together. With gift enrollments, parents now have the option to purchase enrollments for learners outside their family. 🎉


Read these Help Center articles on Gift Enrollments to learn more on how this will look to you:

Gift Enrollments - For Teachers

Gift Enrollments - For Parents

Gift enrollments enable learners to take classes with their in-real-life friends, creating a more social learning experience (that kids need now more than ever)!

Buyer Organizations

(September 2020)

Companies can now offer Outschool classes as a perk for their employees. During this difficult time employers are looking for ways to alleviate the burden of juggling childcare and working from home. With this feature companies can either pay the full cost or a portion of the cost of classes for their employees. We have a lot of demand and are scaling up to activate more and more companies each week.

You can help spread the word by referring companies you know and earn $300 bonus for each successful partnership.


Sharing Favorite Class Lists

(September 2020)

Parents and teachers can now share lists of favorite classes publicly. This is great way to promote and recommend classes to others. We are also using this actively within our promotions and partnerships. We're excited to see how our teacher and parent community use this.

Here's an example from Jeff, one the engineers that built this feature.


Classes Added to Google Online Events Search

(September 2020)

Outschool classes are now listed on google events search. This gives your classes greater exposure to anyone using Google to search for online events.


Other Notable changes

(September 2020)

Reduced Unnecessary Parent Messages - Removed a number of places where Parents can send unnecessary messages. In some cases this cut messages by 20-30% of messages some of our higher volume teachers were experiencing

Out of Age Range Warning - Parent facing alert when they are about to enroll learners in classes outside their age range. This has cut down out of age range enrollments by 30-50%.

Internal Incident Tracking - Better internal monitoring to track issues such as teacher plagiarism, parents adding extra learners, and other forms of negative behavior. This helps up keep the platform safe for learners and teachers.

Terms of Service

September 2020

We made some updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The 2 most notable changes are:

  • We've shortened the retention time of class recordings, from two years to six months. A shorter retention time better protects the privacy of you and your students, while still providing sufficient time to review the class.

  • We've updated the Teacher Obligations in our Terms of Service, to include our expectations of Outschool teachers on social media, including Outschool-affiliated online forums. Outschool expects teachers to take part in creating a welcoming community for all, on and off the Outschool platform. This is a simple reminder to please be respectful to each other!You can see an overview of our Social Media Policy in the Support Center.

Bug Fixes - Teacher Dashboard

July 2020

Teachers were encountering this issue when loading the teacher dashboard in some circumstances:


We've identified the issue and rolled out a fix.

Bug Fixes - Stopping Ongoing Classes

July 2020

There was an issue pressing this "Stop" button, if you wanted to end an ongoing class after the end of the week:


This button will work properly now. If you click the button (and confirm in the popup), your ongoing class will end at the end of this week. If any parents had already paid for the following week (e.g. if they enrolled today, this week's class had already taken place, and they paid for next week's class), they will be refunded, but parents will not be refunded for this week's class or classes.

New Learner Verification System

July 2020

As you know, Outschool Teachers are required to ensure that each participant in a class is, in fact, a child (ages 3-18). Though this is usually done by asking learners to turn their video on, we recognize that not all learners have video capabilities, or do not want to enable video for a number of reasons.

As an Outschool teacher you must confirm that all learners are indeed children through one of these 3 mechanisms:

  1. The learner’s video is enabled throughout the class
  2. The learner connects with you via video at the beginning of class, to allow you to verify the learner’s identity (the learner can then disable video after checking in)
  3. A “verified” badge appears next to the learner’s name in your class roster. If a learner has a verified badge, they are cleared to have their video off during class and have been verified by a member of our team:


There may be situations when you cannot confirm the learner’s identity via one of these methods. If this occurs, please:

  1. Gently explain our policy and let them know you’ll follow up after class
  2. Remove them from class
  3. Notify us at

After class, please contact the parent to explain the policy (if relevant), and present one or some of the following options: (1) transfer the learner to another section so she can make up the missed session with video enabled; (2) provide access to the class recording after the learner has gotten the verified badge; or (3) withdraw the learner.

If you run into any issues with parents over this process, we’ve got your back. Direct them to us for a refund (we’ll take it out of our pocket, not yours) and let us know if you receive a negative review as a result of this policy; we’ll investigate and remove the review as appropriate.

You can always reference this policy here.

For reference, parents can find a parent-facing version of the policy here and we will proactively share this with families to eliminate any confusion.

If you have any questions about a specific situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Heads Up: Emails if You are Late or Miss Class

June 2020

As the Outschool community grows, we want to make sure that learners continue to have consistently high quality classes. Among other things, that means classes should start on time as scheduled.

Going forward, we’ll be sending email notifications when teachers are over 3 minutes late or miss a class. We have three goals with this change: increase the overall rate of classes that start on time, decrease the rate of classes that are missed, and to make expectations clear to new teachers.

We know that sometimes teachers change the schedule of a class by messaging parents, but without updating the scheduled meetings. We ask that if you want to change the schedule, you do make changes to the scheduled meetings–that way the official meeting times will be clear for families (and for Outschool, if we ever need to track down what happened)!

Introducing: The Brand New Teacher Dashboard!

June 2020

We're beyond excited to introduce the Outschool Teacher Dashboard, which serves as your home for the timely information on your Outschool account.
This includes a spotlight on your next 3 live classes, last 2 conversations, and some new metrics (explained here) that can shed some light on your teaching to date.


Clearer Messaging When Learners Sign Up for Classes at Night

June 2020

Outschool teachers and learners are located all around the globe. 🌍

Not everyone realizes that, though! We've heard that parents sometimes misread the timing of a class, and might sign up for a 2 A.M. class thinking it's in the middle of the afternoon.

We've now added a warning ⚠️ symbol when users are enrolling in classes at night, based on their time zone. You can see in the screenshots that we indicate when a class is at night, and that the teacher might live in a different time zone.


Conversation Search

June 2020

Find the conversation thread you're looking for more easily by searching for the name of a parent, or the class they were messaging about.


Teacher Training Center

June 2020

Are you new to Outschool? Or, are you a veteran but always on the hunt for opportunities to grow? Visit for a centralized and still-growing collection of training materials, videos, and live sessions with experienced teachers.


Outschool Parties

June 2020

You can now adjust the price of a private section without impacting the price of other sections of that class!

Set up a private party for a learner by allowing their parent to cover the cost of the class for all learners. See this article for more detailed instructions.


Streamlined Transfer Requests

June 2020

Parents now must select a specific, available section of your class when requesting a transfer - and we communiciate that request to you in your time zone! No more back and forth each time to confirm.


Have Suggestions or Feedback?

We are staffing up our product and engineering team so we can make more improvements. Stay tuned for more updates. In the mean time send us your suggestions and feedback so we know how best to improve Outschool.