Product Updates

Bring Learners into the Conversation with @mentions and Email Notifications

Our new feature that makes it easier for learners and teachers to connect and learn with the Outschool classroom.

Outschool classrooms are creative places filled with ideas that inspire friendships built on common interests. But until recently, it’s been difficult for learners to have conversations with their classmates in an Outschool classroom. That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of @mentions, a new feature that makes it easier for learners and teachers to connect and learn with the Outschool classroom.

Learners and teachers can now use an @mention to send learners an email notification of your comments.

There are two ways to @mention a learner:

  1. Simply reply to a classroom comment by clicking the new ‘Reply’ function. Their @mention will auto-fill into your comment and they’ll get an email notification when you reply.
  1. Type in the @ symbol for learner names and @mentions to auto-complete. Once you type the @ symbol, a list of the section’s enrolled learners will appear in a drop-down menu. Click on a learners’ name, and it will fill in the text box with an “@” symbol prepended and bold.

An @name that does not match anyone in the class won’t be bolded.

Email Notifications

Learners will get email notifications of activity on classroom discussions. And anyone who’s participated in a thread with a comment or who’s been tagged in a thread will get an email notification when somebody responds to that thread.

You’ll still be able to manually delete comments as needed. Stay tuned as we look forward to rolling out more features to improve the classroom experience.

Happy Teaching!

Schedule Sections on Your Calendar in Just Minutes

Our new scheduling tools make it easy to organize your classes on Outschool.

One thing we hear often from our educators is the need for better scheduling tools. We’ve been working hard to make that happen and today we’re excited to announce that you can now schedule sections directly on your Outschool teaching calendar, and with our new Bulk Add Meetings button, you can instantly schedule meetings for ongoing sections months in advance.

Here’s how the new calendar-based scheduling works:

We’ve also added a Bulk Add Meetings button to ongoing sections. (See this post for details on how the Bulk Add button works for multi-week sections.)

A few more details regarding calendar-based scheduling:

  • Sections scheduled this way must start on the hour or on the half-hour.
  • This feature is not supported on mobile devices.
  • Flex classes can be scheduled on the Monthly Schedule view. All other classes can be scheduled on the Weekly Schedule view.
  • One-time sections and Flex sections will be made public immediately, as shown in the graphic above.
  • For ongoing and multi-day classes, this function will create a new section and schedule the first meeting. The section will be created as a private section. You will still need to visit the Section Edit page to add more meetings:

Happy scheduling! 📅

New Feature: Schedule Your Classes With More Ease

We’re excited to roll out new functionality on the Section Edit page to make scheduling easier for multi-week classes. 🙌

Once you’ve added the first week of meeting times for your multi-week class, you can click the Bulk Add Meetings button:

And the system will utilize the length of the class (number of meetings per week and duration in weeks) to predict the remaining meeting times to be added in bulk.

In this example, you can see that our class is scheduled to meet twice a week for 12 weeks.

Clicking the Bulk Add Meetings button enables us to add the remaining 11 weeks of meetings in just two clicks!

You’ll still be able to manually delete and re-add meetings as needed.

For more details, please read up on Managing sections and enrollments. And if you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

You can use this feature for multi-week classes now. Coming soon, we’ll be rolling out a similar experience for ongoing classes. Stay tuned and happy scheduling! 📅

Improvements to Ongoing Class Metrics

See a couple of the changes below:

  1. Surfacing the Feedback button for active ongoing enrollments

Parents now see the button to leave feedback on the Enrollment page once they’ve been enrolled in an ongoing class for a week. Previously, they had to navigate to the Transcripts page to find that button for ongoing classes. We’re hoping this change makes it easier for parents to leave feedback and give you more actionable insights into how to run your classes.

  1. Counting active ongoing classes and enrollments towards public metrics
    The “Completed by X learners” metric on ongoing classes, as well as the “X completed classes” on your teacher bio, will now count ongoing sections & ongoing enrollments that have been active for at least a week.

Previously, these numbers would only increase once you ended the ongoing section.

Note that in making the change to the “Completed by X learners” count, we did update our logic to explicitly count the number of unique learners who had enrolled in the class. Previously, a learner who had enrolled in multiple sections would be double-counted. As a result, some teachers may see a small decrease in that “Completed by X learners” count.

Overall, we hope that these numbers provide more accurate metrics about your ongoing classes to parents.

Have Suggestions or Feedback?

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the site. In the mean time send us your suggestions and feedback so we know how best to improve Outschool.