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Subscription Pilot Update: Outschool Unlimited
Learn more about Outschool’s Subscription Pilot, Outschool Unlimited, and the upcoming changes happening in 2024.
Subscription Pilot Update: Outschool Unlimited

Last Updated: June 20th, 2024

Introducing Outschool Unlimited, our subscription pilot, providing families with curated educational content via a subscription model. Collaborating with a beta group of educators, we’re crafting engaging classes for learners to provide a dynamic and enriching learning experience.

Quick Refresher

For those wondering, “What is the subscription pilot?” Let’s slow down first and catch you up before you continue reading the update. 

In March, we shared exciting news about Outschool introducing a subscription service to families. This new model offers families a unique way to interact with your content. With the subscription service, families could access a library of on-demand educational materials. This approach empowers learners to explore and engage with a wide variety of educational resources at their own pace, reflecting the principles of Outschool’s Self-Paced classes.

For more context, read more about the pilot on the educator library blog: Platform Update: Self-Paced learning subscription pilot.

What Are We Doing Right Now?

We’re thrilled to announce the official name of the subscription pilot: Outschool Unlimited. Designed to provide families unlimited access to a curated selection of high-quality educational content, this exciting new offering will be available through a subscription model.

To bring this vision to life, we’re collaborating with a dedicated beta group of educators and active families on Outschool interested in utilizing a subscription model for their learners. As we move forward we’ll make rapid iterations to refine and perfect the offering, ensuring it’s ready to launch later this summer. 

What’s Coming Soon

May 2024

In May, our focus is establishing a solid foundation for this offering to a group of parent testers. We aim to provide families with access to a diverse range of classes. We’re working with the beta group of educators to curate classes in various key subject areas available on Outschool. These subjects include:

  • Math (e.g., academic boot camps, multiplication)
  • English (e.g., spelling, reading, book clubs)
  • Life Skills
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Social Studies
  • Science (e.g., Earth science, chemistry, space, biology, experiments)

We are collaborating with educators specifically creating content tailored for learners aged 10-12 during this time. Their expertise and focus on this age group ensure that each class is engaging, relevant, and meets the high standards we set for Outschool Unlimited. As we continue to refine our offerings and determine the optimal pricing, we are currently offering Outschool Unlimited at a rate of $50.00 USD. Please note that as we explore, test, and make iterations to our service, the price may change.

What is our current goal? 

Our immediate goal is to achieve over 100 subscribers. Based on feedback from educators and parents, we plan to learn more about what families need and want, and make improvements quickly, enabling you and Outschool to scale and attract more subscribers.

June 2024

Building on the insights from our beta testing with educators and parents, we plan to expand our customer base and content offerings in June. We will introduce new classes across additional subjects and keep our content dynamic by adding new classes in existing subjects to ensure our offerings remain fresh and engaging.

During this phase, we will bring in new educators and continue working with our existing group. We also plan to iterate on the learning experience based on feedback.  

If you’re interested in participating in the beta program, please complete this subscription beta form to submit your class for consideration during this beta round. 

July 2024 and Beyond

As we look ahead to July, we anticipate expanding our target age range and possibly introducing more subjects or growing our content within existing ones. This phase will be guided by insights gained from our initial months and customer feedback, ensuring we continue to meet the evolving needs of our learners. 

As we roll out the pilot program, we will continue to keep you updated with our progress and findings. Keep an eye out for more ways on how you can get involved.

Educator Insights

Participating educators are imperative to the success of this pilot program. Outschool is committed to providing feedback and insights on content performance, allowing educators to continuously refine their offerings. 

This is a new offering from Outschool for families, meaning it will take some time to grow the number of subscribers and to scale this part of your business. With something so new, you may not see the impact right away. So, we encourage all educators to start exploring opportunities within our targeted subject areas and beyond. Whether you’re passionate about math, science, coding, or any of our other focus areas, there’s a place for your expertise in Outschool Unlimited.

Consider how your existing content or new ideas can be crafted into engaging, high-quality lessons that will captivate and educate learners. Think about creating classes that are learner-led experiences and have no instruction. Explore classes that are academic in practice, DIY projects, and classes that help kids discover and explore new interests and passions. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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