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Platform Update: Self-Paced learning subscription pilot
Outschool is exploring avenues to expand our impact and extend our reach by testing a subscription option for families while also providing educators with opportunities to generate passive income.
Self-Paced Subscription

Last updated: April 4th, 2024

The Subscription model could potentially offer on-demand content to families, granting access to an educational content library similar to the on-demand structure found on platforms like Coursera or Khan Academy. A Subscription model can empower learners to explore and engage with diverse educational materials at their own pace, mirroring the principles of Outschool’s Self-Paced classes

We’re kickstarting the Subscription video content library by leveraging existing Self-Paced classes. Once launched, families will have the option to subscribe directly to Self-Paced class content, providing educators with a pathway to earn passive income. 

While we refine this feature, we’ve addressed some common questions in this blog. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to align our offerings.

Q: Can I opt-in or out of Subscriptions?

A: Yes! You can opt-in or out at the Lessons Posts level. Under each Lesson Post, you will see a drop-down menu where you can select if the Lesson Post is the best fit for only Subscription content, Self-Paced content, or is a good fit for both. You will need to select which format(s) your content is designed for under each Lesson Post.

Under Posts, you will have the following options to select from: for enrolled (only Self-Paced); for Subscriptions (only Subscriptions) and All learners (both Self-Paced and Subscriptions.  

Q: Do I still need to agree to the terms and conditions if I can opt-in or out at the Lesson Post level?

A: Yes. You will still need to consent to the terms and conditions. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions and upgraded your Self-Paced class, you can select whether your content is the right fit for Subscriptions only, Self-paced only, or both.  If you choose not to participate in the Subscriptions Pilot, your content is exclusive to Self-Paced.

Q: What types of content can I include for Subscriptions?

A: Your posts for Subscriptions only must still align with your class description, class content, and your expertise of your Self-Paced class. Otherwise, this is considered a major change

Titling of Lesson Posts must not use terms like “Subscription version” or “Self-Paced only” as this may impact the Subscription design. Lesson Posts should be descriptive of the Lesson content.

Q: Will Outschool still market Self-Paced classes in addition to the Subscriptions?

A: Starting in April 2024, Outschool is specifically focusing on marketing Self-Paced classes to families to address the increasing demand for Self-Paced learning. 

The Self-Paced Subscription initiative aims to utilize the existing content available to learners and provide educators with additional opportunities to generate passive income on Outschool.

Outschool will be marketing Subscriptions to families as a separate initiative. The Subscription offering will have its own dedicated marketing and launch plan, distinct from the Self-Paced class promotion. Although the specific details of the Subscription marketing plan are still being developed, we want to reassure you that both opportunities will be marketed effectively in the coming weeks.

Q: Is there any interaction with families with Subscriptions?

A: No. There is no family interaction regarding grading, homework etc. Subscriptions will provide a completely asynchronous and independent learning experience, just as the teacher earnings from Subscriptions will be passive income. 

Q: Do I have to allow Outschool licensure to my Self-Paced content for Subscriptions? Does that mean that Outschool owns my class content?

A: By accepting the new terms and conditions for Self-Paced classes, you grant Outschool a license to use your content for Subscriptions. You retain ownership of your Self-Paced content, and you can revoke this license at any time by unlisting your class. Outschool will not own your Self-Paced content. 

Q: Can educators who are certified by third-party organizations, such as IEW, participate in the Subscription model?

A: It’s crucial to comply with any copyright and trademark guidelines when advertising your classes (you also certify to Outschool that you will do this when listing your classes). If your certification from a third-party organization, such as IEW, restricts the use of certain trademarks or terms, it’s your responsibility to ensure compliance. See this copyright and trademark guidance article for more information.

Q: How does payout work for educators? 

A: Each time a learner accesses a lesson they’re subscribed to, the educator earns ‘points.’ The number of points you receive depends on your quality status as an educator at the start of each month. To earn royalty payments from the Subscription fund during a month, you must comply with the rules and requirements and accrue a minimum of total points across all your published Self-Paced classes in that month. The amount of payment you receive varies based on the total payout amount and your percentage share against all eligible educators. If you haven’t reached the points minimum in a given month, you won’t earn or receive any payment for that month.

Q: How does Outschool calculate points? 

A: To calculate your earnings for a month, Outschool looks at all the points you’ve earned and multiplies them by your points multiplier, which is based on your teacher status. This gives us your Total points. Then, we compare your Total points to those of other teachers. You’ll receive a share of the teacher Subscription fund based on your percentage compared to other educators. For more details, check out the terms and conditions on the Self-Paced classes and Outschool Learning Pass Subscription page.

Teacher StatusPoints Multiplier
Star Teacher1.25
Rising Star Teacher1.15
Popular Teacher1.15
ACE-completed Teacher1.10
All others1

Q: Is there a limit to the number of points an educator can earn within a given period, or is it based solely on the number of accessed lessons?

A: There is no limit – it’s solely based on the number of accessed lessons. Teachers are paid their points share of the total accessed lessons in a given month.

Q: When will this be live for educators and parents? What steps can I take to improve my quality status on Outschool?

A: We’re still finalizing the details, but we’ll notify educators once we have more information. In the meantime, we recommend exploring the educator library blog for resources on improving your quality status on Outschool, particularly the blogs Unlocking Outschool badges: a guide for educators and the ACE teaching framework.

The ACE Framework outlines a structured approach to designing engaging classes, emphasizing accessibility, connection, and engagement. Meanwhile, the guide on Unlocking Outschool Badges provides educators with insights on earning and showcasing badges, helping you to demonstrate your expertise and credibility on the platform.

Q: Do I have to re-create my video content? A lot of my video content is specific to the class. I mention things like homework, or I reference other videos or articles.

A: You will not need to recreate any content for Subscriptions. Learners will have access to references and homework, but there will be no feedback provided. The lessons will encompass all content associated with the lesson in your Self-Paced class. When a family views your lessons in Subscriptions, you will have the opportunity to upsell your Self-Paced class if a learner desires further engagement.

Q: What do you mean by a “Pilot”? 

A: When we mention a Pilot, we’re referring to a trial phase aimed at testing a Subscription model. This serves as a means to explore innovative ways of connecting learners with top-tier learning experiences while also generating additional income opportunities for educators. The term Pilot” emphasizes our intention to gather feedback and insights throughout the process, allowing us to make necessary adjustments for optimal performance. Additionally, it’s important to note that not all families or classes may participate in the initial Pilot phase. Your adaptability and entrepreneurial mindset are greatly appreciated as we embark on this journey of piloting Subscriptions together.

Q: When will Outschool share more information about the Pilot?

A: We are working on the plan right now and will share more details in the next few months.

Q: Will Subscriptions be offered across all class types or just Self-Paced?

A: Subscriptions will only be offered for Self-Paced. Live classes will not be a part of the subscription model for the Pilot.

Q: What should educators do to prepare?

A: Stay tuned for updates from Outschool as we introduce the Subscription model and Pilot it. We value your input and ideas; feel free to share them via email at support+featurefeedback@outschool.com. Additionally, explore suggestions for enhancing your Self-Paced content in our educator library blog: Self-Paced Learning Insights for Success.

Q: How can I give feedback as Outschool rolls out this Pilot?

A: If you have feedback you would like to provide, you can email us at support+feedback@outschool.com. We appreciate it when we receive your feedback on new features as they roll out!

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