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When to start listing seasonal classes
This downloadable calendar outlines when educators should list seasonal classes to meet demand from families.

Navigating shifting seasonal demand for a service or product is something every entrepreneur strives to master. Starbucks execs evaluate what date they should release their Pumpkin Spice Latte for maximum profits, while folks at McDonald’s consider when Shamrock Shakes should hit the market each year. Making these decisions requires anticipating when audience demand will begin, peak, and end for a seasonal product.

For example, in 2022, Starbucks released the Pumpkin Spice Latte (a special autumn drink) at the end of August — almost a full month before fall officially begins in September! Why? Because demand for products associated with seasonal events or holidays often starts ramping up as the season approaches, hits a peak, and then declines (sometimes slowly or sometimes very quickly) after the event passes. Around the end of November, Starbucks will remove Pumpkin Spice from the menu and introduce their next seasonal beverages, then repeat the cycle next year.

In short: As a business owner, you want your seasonal products or services to be available as soon as your customers are ready to purchase them. Sometimes that looks like prepping winter-themed classes in August so you’re listings are live by autumn when demand from families starts to rise!

Seasonal events and Outschool classes

We’re here to help you understand the Outschool market by sharing insights into families’ spending patterns, popular searches, and seasonal habits. While there are many factors that drive changes in the Outschool market, holidays and seasonal events that occur each year are some of the easiest to plan for as an educator.

Remember that your classes should always be based on your expertise and passions, and connecting your teaching topics to seasonal themes can be a fun way to bring in new learners and keep your curriculum fresh.

We’ve created a printable calendar that shows when educators should start listing popular seasonal-themed classes. You can continue to list new courses on that theme until it occurs or demand stops, but it’s smart to begin listing classes in the month indicated here to be ready to meet demand.

Lastly, this calendar is not an exhaustive list of global holidays and events! These are seasonal events that data shows are popular with Outschool families, and we may update this calendar with new trends as they arise.

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