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Policies for playing Santa
If you’re planning to submit a class listing where you’ll be playing the role of Santa Claus - read this first.

Every year around the winter season, some educators choose to host “Meet-and-Greet with Santa Claus” type classes. This popular in-person tradition for folks who celebrate Christmas usually involves chatting with “Santa,” sharing what gifts you’d like to receive or give this year, and perhaps singing a song or two.

If you’d like to host one of these classes, make sure you follow these guidelines to get your class approved and ensure every learner has a great experience in your class.

Explain the structure of your class

Your class description should clearly outline what learners can expect from the experience. Will each learner get to speak to Santa? Will you sing songs? Will Santa read a story? If you plan to use a guest speaker, be sure you clarify their role and function in the class. Be as specific as possible so both Outschool and families get a clear picture of what your class will be like.

Help all learners feel included

Describe how you’ll intentionally include every learner in your meet-and-greet. Remember that each learner may have different feelings about the Santa Claus story, and that meeting Santa can be a very personal or even intimidating experience for some. How will you make sure every learner gets a chance to interact with Santa and make the experience fun for all?

Address tricky questions

Let parents know how you’ll be responding to questions that curious learners are sure to ask, especially as it pertains to whether or not Santa really does exist or requests for presents.

Describe your style of Santa

Santa Claus has different characteristics in different cultures and nations around the world, so your class listing should include details on what style of Santa you’ll be playing. 

Keep it secular

Keep in mind that according to Outschool’s class content policy, all classes on Outschool must remain secular experiences.

Playing Santa Claus can be a fun way to connect with learners during a festive time of year. Just make sure you always keep our content guidelines in mind as you design your listing.

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