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Mental health resources for online educators
Groups, programs, and practices to help you put your mental and physical health first.

We know that educators who choose to teach on Outschool care deeply about their learners and classes. While teaching can be incredibly rewarding, it also comes with its challenges. Not every class goes as planned, and most educators have experienced days where it just feels difficult to get on screen and muster up the energy they need.

We are big believers in prioritizing one’s mental health. We also believe that maintaining one’s mental health and wellness leads to a happier experience in the classroom. If you’re feeling like you need extra support to navigate stressful situations or incorporate mindful practices into your day, here are some helpful resources to explore.

Practicing self-care

Educator Stories: How to prioritize mental health
Educators on Outschool with expertise in teaching mindfulness and mental health share how teachers can stay on top of their game by putting mental health first.

This subscription-based app provides guided meditations and mindfulness routines that fit into your daily life.

Find free resources for creating your own mindfulness practice, healing trauma, and dealing with burnout.

Mental Health America
Get a quick overview of the steps to taking care of yourself and taking care of your fellow educators.

Teaching through trauma: Educator self-care tip sheet
While a few of the tips here are geared toward in-person teaching, much of the advice and additional resources on this page can help any educator find ways to teach through trauma.

Classroom resources

Teach for America: Mental health resources
Take what you need from this list of resources to both practice self-care and bring mental health maintenance into your classroom.

Learn how to recognize what learner behavior may indicate that someone needs help.

Community support

Outschool’s Educator Wellness Group
Find joy and support from fellow educators on Outschool in this social group focused on mental and physical wellness.

This subscription-based online community provides webinars, articles, books, and more created by educators, for educators.

Emergencies & crises

Outschool’s Trust & Safety team
While crises involving safety or privacy on Outschool are rare, you should make sure you’re familiar with what to do if an emergency arises. If you ever have a concern about a learner’s health or safety, our Trust & Safety team is here to help — simply email us at safety@outschool.com.

Find a Helpline
Enter your country and crisis to find a hotline in your region that can help.

Crisis Text Line
Text from anywhere in the United States for 24/7 support for crisis situations.

Did we miss anything on this list? Share your favorite mental health resources in the Educator Hub!

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