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The 5 facts you should share in a video intro
Build buzz around your business with an entertaining and compelling video introduction for social media or the Outschool platform.

Short-form video has become one of the most powerful tools for marketing a business and growing a following. Whether you’re working on promoting your classes on the Outschool platform or using other channels like social media, a short and snappy intro video is a handy asset to have in your bank.

Many platforms and marketing experts acknowledge that TikTok-style videos are dominating the social media sphere, defined by their ability to capture attention and persuade viewers quickly. While you may want to tweak what info you share in an intro video for your business depending on whether you’re recording for the Outschool platform or social media, always focus on keeping your video concise and entertaining (a hallmark of TikTok clips).

The 5 elements of an engaging intro video

Outschool team member Alex shares which 5 things you should share in a video intro for our platform or social media in the video below:

1. Start with a hook or an opener

This could be something like a fun fact in your area of expertise or a question for your audience (like, “Are you looking for help with [your teaching subject]?”). Keep your opener under 3 seconds!

2. Introduce yourself

Share your name, what you specialize in, and your experience or credentials. This section should take about 10 seconds.

3. Describe your classes

The length of this section may vary depending on whether you’re posting to social media or on Outschool.

For social media, pick just a few words to describe what happens in your classes! Keep this section under 5 seconds.

For Outschool profile or class videos, this section can be a little longer (~15-30 seconds). Use this time to highlight the most important things a parent or learner should know about your teaching style and what to expect in your class(es).

4. Show an outcome

Now’s the time to show the results of taking your class! Quickly share a sample project that learners complete, a dance move you love to teach, or even a positive review from a parent.

5. Create a call to action

End your video with a call to action. In other words, tell the viewer what to do next. Try something like, “If you’re ready to learn about [subject], join me in one of my classes!”. Think about experimenting with different options on social media to see what sparks the most engagement.

For more info on how to use social media and short-form videos to grow your business, check out these TikTok marketing tips. Plus, take a look at these custom profile and class video templates for educators on Outschool to spice up your content. It’s time to set up your space and hit that record button!

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