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Help families pay for your classes with state scholarship funds
Why uploading your teaching credentials or advanced degrees to Outschool can bring in enrollments from families with Education Scholarship Accounts.

At Outschool, we believe every kid should have the chance to widen their world through accessible, empowering educational experiences. One way we make that possible is by accepting alternative forms of payment on our platform.

Some states in the U.S. award qualifying families Education Scholarship Accounts (also called Education Savings Accounts or ESAs) to reduce financial barriers to schooling. More than $650M in funding is awarded to individual families each year to put toward educational experiences, and parents are looking for the right place to spend it.

Outschool is proud to accept ESA funds from select states as a method of payment on our platform. By accepting these types of payments, we give you the chance to receive more enrollments from families with ESAs and increase the accessibility of your classes.

What classes are eligible for ESA spending?

Each U.S. state that offers families an ESA has different requirements for what types of courses or programs are eligible for scholarship spending. Families living in certain regions of the U.S. may only be able to spend their ESA funds on classes hosted by educators with specific credentials or degrees.

Many parents say they spend significant amounts of time soliciting credentials from teachers and sending them to their state agencies in order to use ESA funds. Outschool makes it easier for families to choose to spend their ESA dollars on our platform by streamlining this process into a one-click shopping experience.

How to show up in ESA searches on Outschool

Families in select states manage their funds with a third-party shopping platform called ClassWallet. Within ClassWallet they are able to sign into Outschool and browse eligible classes.

If you hold any teaching credentials, advanced degrees, or other certifications related to what you teach on Outschool, upload your documentation (for example a certificate, license, transcript, or copy of a degree) to your profile via the Educator Dashboard. Once uploaded, Outschool will determine whether your credentials qualify your classes for ESA spending. Then, qualifying classes will be surfaced for parents on ClassWallet.

We will not share your uploaded documents publicly in order to protect your privacy. You will be asked to provide consent for Outschool to share your credentials with third-party organizations or individuals who may need to review them as part of the ESA funding process. Additionally, since ESA eligibility varies from state to state, you will not receive a confirmation from Outschool that your credentials have been determined eligible for ESA spending.

Where can parents find info about paying with ESA funds?

If families ask you for more information about using ESA funds for Outschool classes, direct them to our ESA information page. There, they can learn more about how to qualify for ESA funds and how to pay for Outschool with their scholarship account.

If you hold any teaching certifications or a college degree related to the subject matter that you teach at Outschool, don’t wait to upload them to your profile. Families are looking for the right fit for their learners and budgets — and you might just be it!

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