4 Tips to Promote Your Classes With the Outschool Logo
Educators are encouraged to use the Outschool name and logo when promoting their approved classes. Follow these tips to make sure you’re adhering to Outschool requirements surrounding trademark use and making the most of available resources!

As an Outschool educator, you are an independent contractor with the freedom to design your own classes and customize the way you advertise your services. The Outschool team will market educators’ classes year-round to targeted audiences, but many educators also successfully publicize their own classes through their own marketing efforts. While we encourage educators to use Outschool’s name, trademark and/or logo when personally promoting their Outschool approved classes, there are a few important guidelines to follow to make sure you meet requirements surrounding Outschool trademark use. Please also review and understand our Trademark Guidelines for Educators on Using Outschool’s Name and Logo.

1. Promote Only Approved Outschool Classes

Outschool’s name, trademark and/or logo should only be used to advertise approved and listed Outschool classes. You may not use the Outschool name, trademark and/or logo to promote courses or services offered outside of Outschool’s platform. As an independent contractor, you are not permitted to use brand assets to represent Outschool as an employee or any other affiliation. If you still have questions, you may want to revisit our terms of service, where we outline the educator role. What it boils down to is: You may use Outschool’s brand to promote approved Outschool classes that you are currently teaching, but nothing else.

2. Keep the Logo As-Is

When advertising your classes, you may not alter or modify Outschool’s name, trademark and/or logo. To make things easier, we’ve gathered together all approved Outschool assets, along with sizing and trademark guidelines, right here. Simply pick which logo will work best with your advertisement, download it, and voila! You’re ready to go, no editing necessary. As a reminder, every use of the Outschool name should include the circled R, and every use of the logo should include the ™, as pictured below.

3. Follow Design Tips to Look Professional

When using the Outschool name, trademark and/or logo on marketing materials, you’ll want to follow a few of our designers’ top tips to make sure our logo is clear and visible.

Make sure the image’s size is a minimum of 15 pixels to prevent blurring
Position the logo to ensure it isn’t cropped or covered
Use contrasting colors (for example: a dark blue Outschool logo on a white background) to make it stand out

4. Use Free Tools to Edit in Minutes

Canva is a great free online tool for creating marketing materials yourself. Simply follow these steps to use the Outschool logo in Canva:

  1. Upload the Outschool logo you intend to use from this folder and your image. Drag both onto your blank workspace.

2. Arrange the logo on the image on a contrasting background, making sure to leave space around the edges to avoid cropping any part of the logo.

3. You’re done! Publish your advertisement online or in print.

Congrats! You’re ready to use the Outschool name, trademark and logo with confidence to promote your current approved classes. Start printing those flyers or publishing those social media posts – new learners are waiting to hear about your Outschool offerings!

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