Happy new year, teachers! Amidst a busy start to 2021, we’ve made a variety of small updates across the site that we wanted to let you know about!

Updates to the Stats page:

  1. We are no longer counting withdrawn learners towards the “Learners Taught” metric, to make that count more accurate & meaningful. This means your Learners Taught may have decreased today.
  2. We fixed two small bugs in the Monthly Summary table: one that might have caused your Hours to be inflated, and one that might have caused your Earnings to not count payments made on the last day of the month (the “Total Summary” numbers for Earnings and Hours Taught would still have been accurate).

Other fixes:

  • We fixed an issue that was erroneously causing “First class with you” to show up under all learners in the Learners tab of your classroom.
  • We fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the “spaces available” in a section to incorrectly show up as 0.
  • We added a “Canceled Sections” area to the Class Schedule page, to keep those separate from your “Upcoming Sections” and “Past Sections” lists.
  • We fixed an issue that would occasionally cause a “duplicate enrollment” glitch when you transferred learners across sections of an ongoing class.
  • We standardized a ‘full name’ display of parents, when they message you or have learners enrolled in a class with you, to help you keep track more easily.