Teachers – we have a handful of improvements to share with you this week!

Transfers and Refund Policies

We’ve fixed a loophole by which parents could request a transfer to a future section, withdraw, and still receive a refund.

Going forward, we’ll apply the timing of the refund policy (e.g. seven days until class starts, first week of class) against the start time of the earliest section the parent transferred from/into, as opposed to the final section they were transferred into. We’ve added a new note to the transfer request screen and to our help center article about refunds.

Improvements for highly engaged classrooms

We’re making the Outschool classroom easier to use for those highly engaged classes with lots and lots of activity. Now, long comments and comment threads will start collapsed, making it a bit easier to navigate your classroom even if your learners like to write essays back and forth to one another!

Attachments in Parent Conversations

You can now add attachments to parent-teacher messages. Previously, you could only add attachments in learner messages or in the classroom. We hope this helps to streamline your communication with families!

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