Hi teachers – we think you’ll like this one!

We’ve released two updates to the messaging feature on Outschool.

First: to make it easier to track your conversations, we now bold & highlight the messages that you haven’t yet read. Once you view a message on the website (or if you reply to a message via email), it will be marked as read.

Secondly, we now show “read receipts” on messages you send, to give you insight into whether a parent or other recipient has viewed the message.

2 quick notes:

  1. If the recipient of your message sees it in their email inbox, it will not show up as “read” unless they also open it in the Outschool website.
  2. Messages prior to this week have all been marked as read so you don’t start with a noisy inbox.

Be on the lookout for a few more improvements to this feature soon! We hope it’s helpful.

Thanks for teaching on Outschool!

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