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List classes for Outschool’s busiest season

Start the new year off strong with these insights into January class trends

January brings in about 53% more Outschool class enrollments than any other month. That’s right—we typically see 1.5x more bookings, more learning, and more Outschool magic happen as we kick off each new year.

Why? Many school semesters begin again in January after holiday breaks in December, and even homeschooling families who may not operate on traditional schedules are gearing up to for another year of learning as soon as January arrives.

Learners start signing up for January classes as early as mid-September—so don’t wait until the last minute to start listing your classes. By not listing your classes a few months in advance, you may miss out on enrollments and the chance to fill up your new year sections.

The most popular class formats in January are 1-on-1, ongoing, semester, and short-term classes, so consider including some or all of those formats in your class catalog. To be prepared to meet increasing demand, try listing your January classes between September 15–November 1.

Read on for more info about which class topics, age groups, and formats were most popular in January 2022. Use these insights along with our frequently updated class topic requests, classes in demand, and enrollment trends to set yourself up to make the most of January 2023 on Outschool.

January 2023 topic forecast

Based on popular class topics in January 2022 and current trends, we forecast that the following class topics may be popular in January 2023:

  • English classes, including writing, reading, public speaking, book clubs, phonics and vocabulary
  • Math classes, including multiplication and division, algebra, geometry and Singapore math curriculum
  • Classes for neurodivergent learners, including social clubs, social skills, reading and writing
  • Classes for advanced learners, including math, science, reading, and writing
  • Arts classes, including drawing, painting, digital art, Anime, dance, music, singing, acting and improv
  • Coding & Technology classes, including video game design, Python programming, Minecraft and Roblox coding
  • Games & Hobbies classes, including Minecraft, Roblox, role playing games and chess
  • Languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Korean, American Sign Language, English and Chinese
  • Full-curriculum classes

Updated bi-weekly: January class listing insights

November 13, 2022

Popular January class formats


Tutoring was the highest-grossing class topic from Jan-Mar 2022, generating over $1 million in bookings during that time! Math, English, and music continue to dominate the tutoring market.

1-on-1 class topics projected to be popular in January 2023:

  1. English, including reading and writing
  2. Math, including elementary, middle school, algebra, geometry, and calculus
  3. Music, including piano, guitar and ukulele, singing, and violin
  4. Languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese

Pro tip: Use the auto-scheduling function to add lots of availability and give families more opportunities to enroll in your tutoring sections.

1-on-1 class subject breakdown, January 2022:


Heads up: Homeschoolers often enjoy the semester format and may be likely to search for full-curriculum courses.

Semester class topics projected to be popular in January 2023:

  1. Coding
  2. Math
  3. Full-curriculum
  4. Spanish
  5. Writing
  6. Chess
  7. History
  8. Music
  9. Debate
  10. Reading

Semester class subject breakdown, January 2022

Semester class ages breakdown, January 2022


Do you teach littles? Families with preschoolers often prefer the ongoing format for experience to help their learners make friends or learn the basics.

Ongoing class topics projected to be popular in January 2023:

  1. Pre-K & Kindergarten
  2. Writing
  3. Social clubs
  4. Math
  5. Singing
  6. Spanish
  7. Phonics
  8. Gaming
  9. Reading
  10. Minecraft
  11. Drawing

Ongoing class subjects breakdown, January 2022

Ongoing class ages breakdown, January 2022


Short-term classes meet at least once a week for 2-7 weeks, and they’re a great format for teaching skills that require multiple lessons but can be taught in less than 8 weeks.

Short-term class topics projected to be popular in January 2023:

  1. Writing
  2. Coding
  3. Math
  4. Debate
  5. Video production & editing
  6. Investing
  7. Reading
  8. Test prep
  9. Music
  10. Career prep

Short-term class subjects breakdown, January 2022

Short-term class ages breakdown, January 2022

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