Support Programs Available Throughout Your Journey
Our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to grow your business and foster great educational experiences for your learners.

Below are some new (and existing) support programs that can guide you no matter where you are in your online teaching journey. Please note that participation in Outschool’s educator programs is always optional.

📣 Introducing a new support program: Account Management

We piloted the Account Management (AM) program with a limited group of educators late last year, and are excited to continue building this program with a small percentage of Outschool educators. Educators may be eligible for, and invited to participate in, the Account Management Program based on bookings or growth on a quarterly basis. Participation in the program is optional.

The goal of the program is to work closely with educators to address challenges (like getting a class through the approval process), unlock new growth opportunities, and gather feedback to improve the educator experience on the platform. By doing so, Account Managers at Outschool are able to advocate for tooling, product, and policy changes likely to be valuable for all educators, based on what they learn from the teachers they support.

Check out the help center for more details on how the program is different from other support services we provide, who is eligible, and how long you’re qualified for the service.

Even if you aren’t currently eligible to join the AM program, we have services for you to plug into at every stage of your online teaching journey. See below for more info.

🔮 For Future Educators

Even if your Outschool application hasn’t been approved yet, you can still learn the basics of what it means to be an Outschool teacher.

  • Outschool 101:understand things like how to set your own schedule and prices, how to run your business, and who can teach on Outschool
  • Facebook community: connect with other teachers in the application process and hear advice from veteran teachers who have already joined Outschool

✨ For New and Experienced Educators

  • Get started on Outschool: once you’re approved to teach, we’ll help you get up to speed on our class content, trust, and safety policies
  • Additional optional training: dive deeper with tools and techniques for things like online teaching, managing your class, and how to be an EPIC educator
  • 90-day Facebook group: connect with other Outschool teachers who started around the same time as you to learn together and get off to a good start
  • Facebook Teacher Hub: join to access a bigger community of Outschool teachers giving advice and support
  • Demo room: get live feedback on how to make your class EPIC from our class quality team
  • Educator Townhall: learn more about the latest updates, marketplace trends, and more
  • 1:1 coaching: meet for 20 minutes with a class quality specialist for targeted instructional coaching
  • Book club discussions: join the monthly book club to share ideas and learnings with educators in a smaller group setting

🍎 For All Educators

  • Teacher Guide: learn how to get started, our class formats, and how to offer and run classes
  • Facebook community: connect and learn from other educators who are in all stages of the Outschool journey

We’re actively listening to your feedback and ideas about how best to support you. These resources are just the starting point, and we’re excited to share more with you as we build them along the way.

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