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Teaching with Roblox
What is Roblox, why is it so popular, and how can you use it in your classes? Find out here.

All statistics in the following article were gathered in November 2021.

If you’ve ever scrolled through Outschool class listings looking for inspiration, chances are you’ve come across at least one Roblox-themed class. If you’re like many educators, you may have quickly moved past thinking, “I’m not a coder, so I can’t teach those classes,” or “I don’t even really understand Roblox.” Here’s the inside scoop: Roblox classes have a very high enrollment rate on Outschool across age levels, and many of those classes do not focus on coding or technology. That means there could be a great opportunity for you to connect your teaching expertise with this popular subject.

We know it can seem daunting to figure out this current craze. The Outschool team is here to help you wrap your head around Roblox and empower you to reach this enthusiastic learner group!

Let’s start with two important facts:

  1. Roblox is an online gaming platform and game creation website. There are many games that you can play on Roblox, but Roblox itself is not a game.
  2. About half of all Roblox-themed class bookings on Outschool are for classes in Coding & Tech, but the other half is spread across a variety of class subjects (examples below).

Roblox is incredibly popular with children and teens all over the world, and that popularity is reflected in the consistent success of Roblox-themed classes on Outschool. Let’s dive into how Roblox works and why you may want to consider offering a class related to this gaming platform.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a platform where kids, teens, and adults can play online games in immersive 3-D worlds. What makes Roblox stand out from other gaming platforms is that the millions of games on the site are created by users themselves. Anyone can create or play a game, and a standard account is free to set up. The game development tools provided by Roblox make it easy for almost anyone (even kids) to create a game, and how simple or sophisticated you get when building a game depends on your interests and abilities.

Roblox by the numbers:

  • 202 million monthly users / 43.2 million daily users
  • 67% of all users are ages 16 & under
  • 28% of daily users are located in the US & Canada
  • 2.6 hours = the average amount of time a daily user spends on Roblox

Did you catch that stat about user ages? Around 135 million users on Roblox are ages 16 and under. And many of those users are also Outschool learners. 

Here’s a more detailed breakout of who’s using the Roblox platform around the world (not just on Outschool):

Age Group% of UsersApprox. # of Monthly Users
Under 925%50 million
9-1229%58 million
13-1613%26 million

For a lot of kids, Roblox isn’t only about playing or creating games. It’s also about the worlds the games take place in, the characters you can be and meet, and the journeys you go on. Teaching on Outschool gives you the unique capability to offer learners around the world passion-driven learning experiences that marry their interests with yours. Could you harness learners’ passion for Roblox and apply it to your teaching topic? 

Before you dive into creating a Roblox-themed class, we recommend making an account and playing a game or two. You may want to start with Adopt Me!, the most popular game on the site. Next, explore some of these free resources from Roblox designed to help you get to know the platform:

Using Roblox in your lessons

When creating a class, the most important thing to remember is to teach what you love and have expertise in. When considering how you can help learners connect with your class topics, incorporating Roblox games or themes into your lessons can be a great way to find common ground and speak to learners’ interests. Plus, Roblox is a global phenomenon, allowing you to reach a broad international learner audience.

Roblox-themed class enrollments in 2021 on Outschool:

  1. Coding & Tech – 41%
  2. Life Skills – 39%
  3. Art – 12%
  4. English – 3.3%
  5. Health & Wellness – 2%

You can see that Coding & Tech takes the top spot, but Life Skills is a very close second. This shows us that while learners are interested in building and playing games on Roblox, they’re also enrolling in classes that connect Roblox with other subjects. So how does Roblox relate to Life Skills, Art, English, or other topics? Here are just a few ideas:

Coding & Tech: Game Design, Roblox Coding (Lua Programming), Tips & Tricks for Roblox Games

Life Skills: Social Clubs, Fan Clubs

Art: Design Avatars or Draw Characters from Roblox

English: Creative Writing About Roblox Worlds/Games/Experiences

Health & Wellness: Roblox Workouts

Math: Budgeting with Roblox, Roblox Math Adventure

There’s so much more you can do with a Roblox-themed class curriculum, and we love seeing what creative educators come up with to stand out from the crowd. The ideas above are just a jumping-off point – your expertise and teaching skills are what will really bring this topic to life!

Popular Roblox games in Outschool classes

Roblox-themed classes don’t need to only focus on a specific game. If you do choose to highlight one game in your class, here are some insights that could be helpful:

GamePercentage of Roblox Class Bookings
Adopt Me!21%
Murder Mystery5%
Welcome to Bloxburg3.4%
Royale High2%

Policies to remember

When working with content and characters developed by another company, it’s always a good idea to review our guidelines on using copyrighted material in your class. To learn more about the safety features Roblox has built into its platform to protect young users, visit their Parent FAQ page.

As Roblox continues to be an engaging platform for kids and teens worldwide, we hope this guide will help you form stronger connections with learners and create classes that they love. If you’re ready, submit a class listing for approval today!

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