Do you want to fill your teaching strategies toolbox? Are you passionate about using best practices and ensuring success for all learners?

Check out these teacher tools and strategies to help pave your way to learner success!

šŸ›  Strategies & Best Practices šŸ› 

Check out the strategies listed in each teaching domain and reflect on your implementation of these best practices. Need more support in these areas? Explore the resources provided to expand your instructional strategies!
ā‡¢ Zoom Video Tutorials
ā‡¢ Zoom Live Training
ā‡¢ Zoom Webinars
ā‡¢ Getting Started with Zoom - Outschool Resource
ā‡¢ Slides Mania
ā‡¢ Google Slides
ā‡¢ Actively Learn

ā‡¢ Online Spinner
ā‡¢ Bitmoji for Chrome
ā‡¢ Cursor for Chrome
ā‡¢ Name Shouts
ā‡¢ Mentimeter

ā‡¢Document Camera App
ā‡¢Innovative Teaching Ideas
ā‡¢Pear Deck
ā‡¢Idea Mapper

ā‡¢Outschool Teacher Guide
ā‡¢Outschool Professional Development
ā‡¢Using Outschool's Logo

šŸ›  Meeting All Learning Needs šŸ› 

All learners have unique strengths, needs, and challenges! Review these common barriers you may encounter when working with Outschool learners. We have provided some strategies that work for most learners when faced with these barriers.

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šŸ›  Outschool Teacher Tips šŸ› 

Learn how our Outschool teachers navigate their way through teaching online challenges!


Annette M Frontz

Teaching Artist, Bookworm, Singer, and Dreamer
Outschool Teacher - March 2020


Kristen Elizabeth

Inclusive classes in Film Studies, Acting/Drama, & Creative Writing
Outschool Teacher - August 2017

Have some tips and tricks you would like to share?

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šŸ›  Technology Toolbox šŸ› 

Want to incorporate more technology resources into your lessons? Check out the list below and see what aligns to the context of your classes!

šŸ”§ ClassDojo

āš™ļø SeeSaw

šŸ”Ø Edpuzzle

āš™ļø Quizlet

šŸ”§ Quizizz

āš™ļø GoNoodle

šŸ”Ø Kahoot

āš™ļø Read&Write for Google

šŸ”§ Choice Boards

āš™ļø Modes of Online Delivery

šŸ”Ø Padlet

āš™ļø Jamboard

šŸ”§ Universal Design for Learning

āš™ļø PBIS World (Interventions)

šŸ”Ø The Inspired Treehouse

āš™ļø Common Sense Media

šŸ”§ Emotional Fitness Training

āš™ļø Wheel Decide

šŸ”Ø Shake Up Learning

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The resources and materials provided in this professional development are suggestions you may look into further if interested in further usage.

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