Did you know Outschool provides teachers an opportunity to instruct on any topic they are an expert in and passionate about?

While we allow a wide range of strategies and resources for Outschool classes, we do have policies in place to uphold quality and safety for all teachers and learners.

šŸ–‡ Outschool Policies šŸ–‡

Here are a few highlights from our Teacher Guide:

Class Content

šŸ“• Classes must be secular, objective, accurate, and age-appropriate.
šŸ“• Teachers must have training or experience for classes on sensitive or higher-risk topics, and marginalized groups.
šŸ“• Classes may NOT include medical services, safety hazards, pseudoscience, supernatural topics, and sensitive topic role-playing scenarios.

Class Descriptions

šŸ“™ Teachers are NOT permitted to copy unique writing including class titles, summaries, descriptions, or other written material on the class listing page.
šŸ“™ Outschool permits multiple classes to cover the same content and use the same approach.

Instructional Resources

šŸ“— Outschool does not provide legal advice on copyright, but encourages all independently contracted teachers to consider the copyright and trademark protections of their resources.
šŸ“— Resources must not replace teacher direct instruction.

Missed Classes / Cancellations

šŸ“˜ Class cancellations must be provided 24 hours prior to the start of the session. Communication must follow the cancellation.
šŸ“˜ Teachers must follow-up and reschedule with parents for all missed classes or provide a full refund.
Teachers may NOT start class more than 5 minutes late or end class more than 5 minutes early.

Live Teaching

šŸ“• Live class instruction must match the class description.
šŸ“• All teaching sessions must be provided through the Outschool Zoom account provided.


šŸ“™ All parent communication must be responded to within 24 hours.
šŸ“™ Teachers may not cancel a class or remove a learner due to a prior poor review from the parent.
šŸ“™ Teachers may not direct parents to enroll in other classes on another site.

šŸ–‡ Support Guides šŸ–‡

Review our Support Guide documents below to ensure you are upholding Outschool's quality and safety expectations.

šŸ“Ž About Outschool

šŸ“Ž Parent Guide

šŸ“Ž Teacher Guide

šŸ–‡ Instruction Quality šŸ–‡

We have developed a rubric to help our teachers understand and implement instructional expectations. Check out the qualities all Outschool classes should embody!
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