📝 Educator Town Hall

We hope you’ll join us for our upcoming monthly Town Hall, exclusively for those approved to teach on Outschool. This live webinar will be held tomorrow: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 3:00 PM Pacific. We’ll talk about what’s new at Outschool, providing access to education through Outschool.org, and questions from teachers like you.

Sign up now for reminders, or keep an eye on the Teacher Hub for a livestream in the group! Questions or requests? Let us know in the registration form or via email at community@outschool.com

📝 Marketplace Insights

Remember that kids all over are experiencing different schooling styles: some are sticking to homeschooling, others are in and out of brick and mortar schools, and many are doing some form of distance learning. It’s a great idea to experiment with different class formats and schedules and see how you can best serve families in these ever-changing times.

We’re also doubling down on advice from last newsletter that you can use to inform your decisions:

✏️ Ongoing classes. We have seen an increase in interest in ongoing classes. This format is great for retention: you can meet with the same families on a weekly basis and build a following. Not to mention, these classes are really fun! Read more about ongoing classes here.
✏️ Multi-day camps. Over the summer, we saw high demand for summer camps. These were a great option for parents who had to keep working while their kids were out of school. As we approach the holiday season, we anticipate interest in multi-day camps during fall and winter school breaks!
✏️ Long-term planning. Some parents have started doing much longer term planning for next year. Don’t hesitate to start scheduling classes 2-4 months out in advance, as we predict families doing more of this long-term planning over the holidays!

Here’s more information you can use to build your schedule:

✏️ Scheduling tips. You can find up-to-date guidance on which days and hours (listed in Pacific time) are in-demand. If you’re not sure when to schedule your classes, this is a great place to start!
✏️ Parent topic requests. Each week, we publish a list of parent topic requests and search keywords. There may be existing topics that families want a new take on, or they could be completely new ideas! Do any of these requests match your expertise and your passions?

📝 What’s New

➡ Transfers and Refund Policies ⬅
We’ve fixed a loophole by which parents could request a transfer to a future section, withdraw, and still receive a refund. Previously our support team would manually resolve these issues to ensure teachers were paid.

Going forward, we’ll apply the timing of the refund policy (e.g. seven days until class starts, first week of class) against the start time of the earliest section the parent transferred from/into, as opposed to the final section they were transferred into. We’ve added a new note to the transfer request screen and to our help center article about refunds.


➡ Search Filter for Empty Classes ⬅
Parents who want to buy out a class completely (for example, for birthday parties) can now do so by filtering search for empty sections and buying all available seats via gift enrollments.

➡ Attachments in Parent Conversations ⬅
You can now add attachments to parent-teacher messages. Previously, you could only add attachments in learner messages or in the classroom. We hope this helps to streamline your communication with families!

➡ Teacher Stats ⬅
We pre-announced the beta version of this feature last time. Now it’s available for everyone! Read more here!

➡ Employer Partnerships ⬅
Outschool partners with employers to offer classes as a benefit to parents. This has been a huge help to employees who are at home with kids! We’re excited to continue growing this program. Read more on our info page for employers, and please share with your friends!


📝 Teacher Tip

Check Out the New Upgrades to Our Teacher Website:
teach.outschool.com is now a resource and support hub for prospective, new, and veteran Outschool educators. Check out the tabs for resources, tools, and teacher spotlights! You will find everything you need to know to be a successful Outschool educator in one place!

📝 Professional Development

Outschool offers regular professional development to help you stay sharp. Here are some upcoming live sessions:

✏️ Shooting for a 5-Star Experience: Shining the Light on Ratings and Reviews: This session will present instructional best practices that have been shown to result in better reviews and higher teacher ratings. You will also receive tips on how best to respond to positive and negative reviews.
✏️ Ratings Webinar: Come learn from two veteran teachers as they share how they navigate ratings and offer high quality educational experiences for students. Join us for the Ratings Webinar on 11/5 from 12-12:30pm PST.
✏️ Building Your Teaching Business: Held twice during November, this training will provide new teachers with an opportunity to gain insight and resources that will help them to build their business on Outschool.
✏️ Culturally Aware Teaching in a Global Market: There are still a few sessions left in October - join in tomorrow or Friday!

📝 Community News

Looking for more ways to connect with your colleagues?

New teachers can join the New Outschool Teacher Cohort. It’s the place to be for collaboration, communication, and live events that will help in your journey toward building your teaching business.

Any approved teacher is eligible to join the Outschool Teacher Hub to meet others and share your experiences. We hope to see you there!

Here are some highlights from the Teacher Hub over the past week:
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✏️ So, what are you looking forward to on Outschool this week? Thanks, Tammy, for starting the conversation!
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✏️ Watch the Live Check-In from Friday. Latonya spoke about community standards, marketing, and more.