🎁 Scheduling Tips 🎁

Over the next couple of weeks, many kids will have breaks from traditional schools, and families will be looking for ways to keep their kids engaged with fun learning activities. We’re anticipating interested in the following:

  • Winter break camps. Like summer camps, these classes can meet at least twice in one week to let kids connect with others, have fun, and learn from you! These can be academic or interest-based topics.
  • Ongoing social clubs. mega Ongoing classes are more popular than ever! Weekly ongoing classes or clubs can be an excellent way for kids to get social time while they’re away from friends. Ongoing classes can also help you forge relationships with families, thus building your audience.

Families are starting to look for semester-long courses beginning in 2021! 🎊 Get a start on the spring semester by scheduling your long, academic classes: Schedule Now

🎁 Marketplace Update 🎁

What’s going on in the Outschool marketplace? Watch the most recent Town Hall here: https://youtu.be/-X9BxdYvRfo

Cara, Director of Marketplace Supply, delivered our Outschool update and answered questions that we received ahead of this webinar. Topics included enrollment trends (emphasis on ongoing classes!), gift cards, learner spaces, our KIDZ BOP partnership, and more. After that, Nicole gave some extra context to teachers’ responsibility to report, and Latonya gave an introduction to our newest community event (read more on that below)!

Stay tuned for 2021 Town Hall sessions! We’ll put them on the calendar later this week.

🎁 What’s New 🎁

What new features or policies are here or coming soon? Catch up on the latest at teach.outschool.com or read below for the highlights.

  • Zoom Live Captioning. Zoom now allows you to turn on live captioning during your class! Your learners (or parents) may reach out to you before class begins – or even at the beginning of class – and ask that you initiate this feature. The good news is that it’s easy to activate. The great news is that it’s incredibly accurate and will improve your learners’ experiences! Please note that you’ll need to enable this setting in each Zoom meeting that you host as an Outschool teacher. Read through all the steps here.
  • Teacher Identity Verification. We’re launching a new process to further ensure the trust and safety of our platform - Teacher Identity Verification (IDV). This one-time step confirms that each Outschool teacher's identity matches the information provided in their background check, adding an extra layer of safety for learners on the platform.
    You can read more about Teacher Identity Verification in our Help Center article. We’re in beta right now, meaning that a small group of teachers is testing out the process to start. In the new year, we’ll send emails and website pop-ups to batches of teachers to initiate the process. Keep an eye out, and let us know if you have any questions!
  • Learner Spaces. Every learner at Outschool now has a dedicated space where they can view their schedule and participate in class! We’re excited to take steps toward a more learner-friendly platform, and there will be more to come. Please share your feedback with us if you have ideas or requests. In the meantime, here is the guide we published for parents to start using these spaces.
  • Duplicate Sections Button. We've added a new button that will enable you to schedule sections more efficiently. Simply put, it's a quicker way to create a new section; when you duplicate a section that starts on December 4th at 2 PM, we will suggest a time of December 11th at 2 PM (exactly one week later) for the first meeting of the newly duplicated section. Learn more here.

🎁 Outschool’s First Open House 🎁

Parents are already planning to secure their spots in your spring 2021 courses! And some parents like connecting with their children’s teachers before deciding to enroll. Usually, this connection happens through your class listing videos or listing description.

In this year of change, Outschool wants to try something different to help you connect with parents and learners. You are invited to our first open house event on Thursday, January 7th, between 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM Pacific!

You have the opportunity to reserve a table to showcase your classes to parents. This event is the first of its kind hosted by Outschool, and we are thrilled to invite you. You can apply to reserve a table by filling out this form. Complete this form before December 23rd, and we will notify selected presenters by December 31st.

Questions? Email us at community@outschool.com to connect.

🎁 Teacher Tip 🎁

If you are new to Outschool and want to practice a lesson before going live with it, try out our New Teacher Demo room! You will have 15 minutes with a Class Quality Specialist in a live classroom simulation.

🎁 Professional Development 🎁

Outschool offers regular professional development. Here are the upcoming topics:

  • (Level Up) December PD: The EPIC Class Experience: Have you ever wondered what drives parents to give 5-star reviews? We have synthesized feedback and in this session will share an in-depth explanation of the qualities identified by Outschool. You will learn about how the elements positively impact classes and discover practical resources that you can implement in your classes.
  • January Webinar: Take this opportunity to hear how successful Outschool teachers exercise classroom management in a virtual classroom.
  • Get to Know Outschool Class Formats: Do you need to familiarize yourself with the four class formats of Outschool? Join us in learning the ins and outs of these formats, best practices, and advice for writing and/or revising your listings. This learning opportunity will be offered twice in December.
  • New to Outschool? We recommend that you join us for an Outschool Orientation with an experienced Outschool Educator. During these half-hour sessions, you will learn the ins and outs of the platform while having the opportunity to ask those burning questions.

🎁 Community News 🎁

Looking for more ways to connect with your colleagues?

  • New teachers can join the New Outschool Teacher Cohort. It’s the place to be for collaboration, communication, and live events that will help in your journey toward building your teaching business.

  • Any approved teacher is eligible to join the Outschool Teacher Hub to meet others and share your experiences. We hope to see you there!
    Here are some highlights from the Teacher Hub over the past week:

  • This one is for you veteran teachers. Remember when we didn’t have the ability to schedule posts? Remember when our audience consisted of mostly homeschooling families? Take a walk down memory lane!

  • Tandra asked: “What's YOUR win today (or this week, or whatever)?” Shout it out!

  • Lauren reminds us to take care of ourselves when it comes to scheduling classes. How do you set boundaries and take breaks?

  • Your fellow teachers are looking for buddies! Can you be a buddy?

Thank you for helping kids love learning!