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πŸ‚ Camps and Courses for Winter Break

Over the next couple of months, many kids will have breaks from traditional schools, and families will be looking for ways to keep their kids engaged with fun learning activities. We’re anticipating interested in the following:

  • Winter break camps. Like summer camps, these classes can meet at least twice in one week to let kids connect with others, have fun, and learn from you! These can be academic or interest-based topics.
  • Ongoing social clubs. Weekly ongoing classes or clubs can be an excellent way for kids to get social time while they’re away from friends. Ongoing classes can also help you forge relationships with families, thus building your audience.

πŸ‚ More Scheduling Ideas

Families are starting to look for semester-long courses beginning in 2021! Get a start on the spring semester by scheduling your long, academic classes: Schedule Now

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these newly-updated resources:

  • Scheduling tips. You can find up-to-date guidance on which days and hours (listed in Pacific time) are in-demand. If you’re not sure when to schedule your classes, this is a great place to start!
  • Parent topic requests. Each week, we publish a list of parent topic requests and search keywords. There may be existing topics that families want a new take on, or they could be completely new ideas! Do any of these requests match your expertise and your passions?

πŸ‚ Town Hall

Each month, our team will meet you live to share business insights and answer any questions you have.

In October, we met Justin, Executive Director of Outschool.Org, and Cara, Director of Marketplace Supply (AKA teachers' and organizations' biggest advocate)! Catch up by watching the recording here

Our next Town Hall is Wednesday, November 18th, at 3:00 PM Pacific. Register below to save your spot and submit questions! Register Here

πŸ‚ What’s New

We’re working hard to improve the site for you and for all the families who join us! We’ll cover some recent highlights below, and you can find a running list of updates here: /product-updates/

🍁 Collapsed Comments 🍁
Now, long comments and comment threads will be collapsed, making it a bit easier to navigate your classroom even if your learners like to write essays back and forth to one another!

🍁 Classroom Comment Email Notifications 🍁
When someone receives an email notification about a comment on a post, we will include both the text from the new comment and the text from the original post within the email. We hope this helps you and families have more context when reading these notifications!

🍁 Classroom Page Refresh 🍁
Class posts, meeting posts, and class comments now update in β€œreal-time!” When you’re on the Classroom page, it will refresh every 10 seconds in the background. New posts and comments that come in between refreshes will appear with a light yellow background as a visual cue.

🍁 Category Experiments 🍁
Websites need to experiment to find out what works best for customers. You’ll see us do lots of tests as time goes on, and you may have noticed our most recent test makes categories and topics more prominent on the parent homepage. We’re excited to learn more and continue to improve!

πŸ‚ Teacher Tip

Check Out the New Upgrades to Our Teacher Website: is now a resource and support hub for prospective, new, and veteran Outschool educators. Check out the tabs for resources, tools, and teacher spotlights! You will find everything you need to know to be a successful Outschool educator in one place!

πŸ‚ Professional Development

Outschool offers regular professional development. Here are the upcoming topics:

  • Shooting for a 5-Star Experience: Shining the Light on Ratings and Reviews: This session will present instructional best practices that have been shown to result in better reviews and higher teacher ratings. You will also receive tips on how best to respond to positive and negative reviews.
  • How Veteran Teachers Handle Ratings and Reviews: Learn from two veteran teachers as they share how they navigate ratings and offer high quality educational experiences for learners. Join us for the Ratings Webinar on 11/5 from 12-12:30 PM Pacific.
  • New to Outschool? Join our experienced teachers in an engaging and informative orientation to learn more about teaching on Outschool and gain valuable answers to your questions
  • Building Your Outschool Business: November's webinar for new teachers will be an opportunity to learn best practices for building your business on Outschool. Being a Teacherpreneur brings with it much more than just teaching a lesson. There are several best practices that you can implement to help you work toward financial and quality success. Join us to learn tips and gain some resources from experienced Outschool teachers.*

πŸ‚ Community News

Looking for more ways to connect with your colleagues?

  • New teachers can join the New Outschool Teacher Cohort. It’s the place to be for collaboration, communication, and live events that will help in your journey toward building your teaching business.
  • Any approved teacher is eligible to join the Outschool Teacher Hub to meet others and share your experiences. We hope to see you there!

Here are some highlights from the Teacher Hub over the past week:

  • Bad reviews happen. Check out this post from Elizabeth for tips on what to do if you get a bad review.
  • Katie wants to know, β€œDo you have learners use Kahoot during class or afterward?” Chime in here.
  • Jen posed this question, β€œWhat POPULAR book did you read along your journey as a brick and mortar teacher that you feel helped you as a teacher?” Share your favorites!
  • Stacey wants to know, β€œWhat makes a great Outschool teacher?” Join the thread!
  • Nita is curious. Are you teaching on Black Friday? Let your colleagues know in this discussion.
  • Do you need some encouragement for your Outschool journey? Kaitlyn asked successful teachers for tips and advice. Share yours or learn more in the thread.