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These professionals embody our EPIC Framework by providing instruction and creating class experiences that are πŸ’™ Empowering, πŸ’› Passion-Driven, ❀️ Intentional, and πŸ’š Connected!

πŸ’™ Empowering πŸ’™

Dr. Kai Kafferly - I not only teach my academic material through homework such as chapter questions along with interesting and fun projects, but also through lectures, videos, instruction, and especially important, the discussion in our live meetings, but I also teach my teenage students how to learn. Sometimes when I am asked a question, I will ask a student to do a little internet research to find the answer. I help them to find answers using legitimate online resources. I sometimes do the same thing when students turn in their homework. I may ask them a few more questions that aren't found in the textbook, but by doing light internet research. I personalize each students' learning according to their needs and abilities to allow them to personalize their answers in their own unique way, and then assess them individually accordingly. By teaching using these methods I have found it strengthens students' abilities, and desire, to learn and how to learn as adults. They have control over their education - which is a great power if taught how to use this power correctly. This is personalized teaching and learning.

Gretchen Bloom - I believe that learning should be fun and interactive! I use an approach that lets kids learn hands on through games, activities, and movement. I also use incentives that make kids enjoy learning! It is so wonderful to see kids being proud of what they accomplish, and I am quick to recognize and praise their efforts! Making mistakes is part of learning, and the environment of my classes allows students to feel safe enough to admit and correct their mistakes. I believe kids learn best when they are involved. Every student deserves to love learning!

Samantha Tuchfeld - My experiences as a teacher have taught me to be a thoughtful facilitator for students’ creativity and joy. I love my Outschool students for all the different ways they share ideas and excitement for our plans for class. In my yoga classes, I love getting to see my students become stronger, more confident and peaceful after each class. I enjoy the playful, safe, and creative space we create for one another. For my maker classes, I love watching students think strategically and think BIG about using STEAM in their everyday lives.

πŸ’› Passion-Driven πŸ’›

Heather Swann - Teaching is my passion and I want learning to be a passion for my learners. Making learning fun is key to turning learning into a passion. I love to put myself out there and make myself as engaging and fun as possible, even if that means making myself be super silly. I have found as a teacher that you can’t be afraid of embarrassment! I don’t let that hold me back from being the most energetic and fun version of myself that I can be for my learners. I love to use high energy, silly voices, funny movements, and great hands-on immersive lessons to make learning exciting. I am always looking for ways to make my learners want to come back for more. I am constantly learning and researching how to take my lessons to the next level. That might include making a fun engaging slideshow or putting together an exciting new science project with unique twists. I believe children learn best by doing so I incorporate as much hands-on interaction as I can into my lessons. The more the learner can do themselves and experience the more the learning sticks and becomes something they remember forever. That is what is so fun about science and why it is my favorite subject to teach. Science lends itself to so much fun, excitement, and hands-on engaging learning.

Emily Gilson - I'm passionate about my classes and I think this shows in my re-enrollment rate. As a drama teacher, I'm teaching in my chosen profession, even more regularly than I used to get to perform! I seem to have found my niche among younger learners - we have such fun playing improv games together and playing with our voices and bodies in different ways while we make each other laugh with the stories we make up. We learn from each other, and it makes me a better actor too! I've changed my schedule for my long-running ongoing classes with the seasons a few times, and I've got a following now of lots of repeat learners who tell me my class is one of their favorite parts of the week. I'm grateful to be able to provide kids a safe space to explore interactively during this pandemic, while getting them up and out of their chairs for an hour a week.

Mrs. Vallarta - (parent nomination) Mrs. Vallarta is an excellent art teacher! Not only does she offer an array of anime art classes, but she comes prepared, enthusiastic, and gives personalized attention to each student! Her classes are unique and she's always providing new courses for her students.

❀️ Intentional❀️

Shelby - I always start my classes by telling my learners that I only have one "rule" in my class - I want to learn something from them by the end of the lesson.I make sure to ask loads of questions and teach new vocabulary as much as possible. I follow the experiential learning cycle - children will learn about a topic, reflect on their experience, gain insight and explore ways to transfer their learning to other situations. All my classes can be adapted to different ages and abilities, and I'm constantly working with the learners and their guardians to make sure my learning environment suits their needs. All children are not only welcomed, but embraced too. My classroom is my place but their space.

Sreenidhi Pundi Muralidharan - I make the class more interactive by encouraging students to think from their perspectives. I also ask lots of questions and welcome students to use their ideas. I think that is more important for a coding class since it encourages creative thinking. I also help children to finish their projects by waiting for them after class hours, and after everyone else has logged off the meeting. This makes students who were a little bit behind in class, either due to difficulties understanding or any other technical difficulties, catch up with the rest of the class. I guess this really boosts up their confidence-level. I have had students thanking me profusely for this. I also offer separate one-on-one classes for students who might have missed a specific class. This ensures individualized attention as well.

πŸ’š Connected πŸ’š

Ms. Erica - I embody empathy in my classroom. I believe having empathy is an important quality to have while teaching. It allows you to become what you need to be for each student. Each learner has their own personality and learning style. Within a course of one class, you will have various personalities. Knowing how to relate to each child will help bring their confidence levels out. Being able to sense how they are feeling will help not to overwhelm a more shy student. Or at times you may need to be more animated for more active students. Being able to sense how the students feel helps bring a class to life and make it successful.

Lisa Rohloff - I believe that leading with empathy opens the door to kid's hearts and minds; and when their hearts and minds are opened, learning happens. I have a calm, happy, and peaceful personality. This, along with focusing on each individual student, helps me create a safe and friendly atmosphere where every student feels like they are an important part of the class. I want them to know that their opinion matters. The work they put into the class matters. I've seen many students go from being quiet and disengaged when they first log into class, to lighting up and being actively engaged. Wherever a student is at in their reading and writing journey, I want to help them go further. That includes growing in their own confidence in their ability to read and write. Self-confidence is so important to a child's growth and development. When a learner has confidence in their abilities (regardless of what level they are at), they naturally have positive energy and a desire to learn more. I am there to guide and support them. And I strive to provide an atmosphere where all the kids in the classroom encourage and support one another. When I see them smiling, engaged in the classroom, supporting one another, and learning new things, I know I've done my job. That makes me so happy!

Morgan S - (parent nomination) My children have taken a variety of OS classes. From MY perspective as both a teacher and parent, I thought the various classes and teachers were awesome. But my kids just didn’t fall in love with the experience. Until Morgan S. My daughter has found her person in Morgan. At ten years old, she is discovering herself during the weirdest time in history of the last hundred years. She finds herself isolated by not only Covid, but by a community (our town) she does not really relate to or fit in with... Morgan provides SUCH an inclusive and comfortable environment with their genuine personality and overwhelming enthusiasm for their subject matter. My daughter truly needed this exact teacher at this exact time. AND bonus, she learns a BOATLOAD from them in every class. I cannot say enough about this outstanding teacher.

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