Now is the time for Outschool teachers to start scheduling fall courses as families are beginning to plan their semesters.

With uncertainty around schools’ plans for re-opening, we anticipate high demand for multi-session classes that provide core learning and social interaction. Based on previous years, Outschool families tend to “bulk enroll” in semester-long and ongoing classes in August and September to fill out their fall schedules.

Starting in August, we will be ramping up our marketing to support the families looking for online homeschool or hybrid schooling solutions. We need your help with stocking the next few months with classes!

Below are some tips to set yourself up for a productive back-to-school season:

  • Schedule semester-long courses to help families lock in a consistent schedule. Create sections that: (1) run semester-long (8+ weeks), (2) are taught in a live format, (3) have sections scheduled starting between mid to late August and November, and (4) cover interest-based topics that would typically be deemed "core" (e.g. Math, Science, English, History, World Languages, Government, etc.)
  • Offer weekly ongoing classes to provide families with the flexibility of ‘dropping in’ and create a social environment for learners at home. Create sections that (1) meet at the same time for multiple weeks, (2) are taught in a live format, and (3) have sections scheduled starting between  mid-late August and November
  • Experiment with formats, topics, and timing! Since this fall will be different than past years, we anticipate many families will have unique needs. Try offering different start dates/times/durations. We recommend 3+ available sections per class for the best parent response (daytime, after school, or weekends). Some may be looking for weekly classes, while others are still looking for multi-day camps.

What to expect?

To optimize for discoverability we recommend that you update your fall schedule before Aug 1 (prior to our first marketing push)

Based on past seasons, families will begin planning their 2020 semesters as early as August and continue enrolling through the end of September, so scheduling your sections earlier allows for more time to fill your classes.  

Thank you in advance for scheduling your fall sections and helping us get ahead of the marketing campaign!