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✰ Monthly Webinars ✰

Join in each month for one hour to learn from veteran teachers on a variety of topics.

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✰ Monthly Development ✰

These one hour sessions provide a variety of topics that will leave you with additional best practices, strategies, and resources!

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✰ Ongoing Training Sessions ✰

Whether you are new to Outschool or a veteran teacher, these one hour sessions with expand your distance learning professional capacity!

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↝ Getting to Know the Site ↜

↝ Creating Class Descriptions ↜

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✰ 1:1 Teacher Support ✰

Need some individualized support? Connect with a veteran teacher or Class Quality Specialist to get a personalized session that meets your specific needs!

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✰ Asynchronous Support ✰

Need to review those tips and tricks provided during your teacher onboarding process? Check out the resources below to refresh!

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Outschool 101 Training

Class Content Training

Safety & Privacy Training

Class Listing Standards

Listing your Class

Online Teaching Tools

Classroom Management

Best Practices in Anti-Bias Education

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