Product Updates

Updates to the Stats page and other fixes to start the year

Happy new year, teachers! Amidst a busy start to 2021, we’ve made a variety of small updates across the site that we wanted to let you know about!

Updates to the Stats page:

  1. We are no longer counting withdrawn learners towards the “Learners Taught” metric, to make that count more accurate & meaningful. This means your Learners Taught may have decreased today.
  2. We fixed two small bugs in the Monthly Summary table: one that might have caused your Hours to be inflated, and one that might have caused your Earnings to not count payments made on the last day of the month (the “Total Summary” numbers for Earnings and Hours Taught would still have been accurate).

Other fixes:

  • We fixed an issue that was erroneously causing “First class with you” to show up under all learners in the Learners tab of your classroom.
  • We fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the “spaces available” in a section to incorrectly show up as 0.
  • We added a “Canceled Sections” area to the Class Schedule page, to keep those separate from your “Upcoming Sections” and “Past Sections” lists.
  • We fixed an issue that would occasionally cause a “duplicate enrollment” glitch when you transferred learners across sections of an ongoing class.
  • We standardized a ‘full name’ display of parents, when they message you or have learners enrolled in a class with you, to help you keep track more easily.

New: ‘Duplicate Section’ button for easier scheduling

Some teachers teach 40 sections on Outschool a week, which can take some time to schedule!

We’ve added a new button that will enable you to schedule sections more efficiently. Simply put, it’s a quicker way to create a new section; when you duplicate a section that starts on December 4th at 2 PM, we will suggest a time of December 11th at 2 PM (exactly one week later) for the first meeting of the newly duplicated section:

This way, you could schedule out all of your Monday 3 PM sections for the next month, in just a few clicks.

We hope this helps save you time scheduling! Thanks for teaching on Outschool.

New: Easy access to learners from the Outschool classroom

We now show the list of learners in a section on the same page as your classroom posts:

If you want to send a learner a direct message, simply click on their name. This should also help with things like keeping track of attendance and who still needs to respond.

Let us know if you have feedback or suggestions, and thanks for teaching on Outschool!

New: Unread messages and read-receipts

Hi teachers – we think you’ll like this one!

We’ve released two updates to the messaging feature on Outschool.

First: to make it easier to track your conversations, we now bold & highlight the messages that you haven’t yet read. Once you view a message on the website (or if you reply to a message via email), it will be marked as read.

Secondly, we now show “read receipts” on messages you send, to give you insight into whether a parent or other recipient has viewed the message.

2 quick notes:

  1. If the recipient of your message sees it in their email inbox, it will not show up as “read” unless they also open it in the Outschool website.
  2. Messages prior to this week have all been marked as read so you don’t start with a noisy inbox.

Be on the lookout for a few more improvements to this feature soon! We hope it’s helpful.

Thanks for teaching on Outschool!

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