For our first product update on this page, we're going to touch on a few new features for teachers that have gone out over the past month:

  • Conversation Search
  • Teacher Training Center
  • Outschool Parties
  • Streamlined Transfer Requests
Filter through your conversations by searching for the parent name - with auto-fill too!

Find the conversation thread you're looking for more easily by searching for the name of a parent, or the class they were messaging about.

Teacher Training Center

Check out for our new Training Center!

Are you new to Outschool? Or, are you a veteran but always on the hunt for opportunities to grow? Visit for a centralized and still-growing collection of training materials, videos, and live sessions with experienced teachers.

Outschool Parties

Help learners celebrate their birthday during quarantine by hosting a virtual party on Outschool!

You can now adjust the price of a private section without impacting the price of other sections of that class!
Set up a private party for a learner by allowing their parent to cover the cost of the class for all learners. See this article for more detailed instructions.

Streamlined Transfer Requests

Parents will see select an available section when requesting a transfer in their time zone

Parents now must select a specific, available section of your class when requesting a transfer - and we communciate that request to you in your time zone! No more back and forth each time to confirm.

As a reminder, you can bookmark this page to check up on future product updates for teachers.

Thanks for teaching on Outschool!