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Class topic requests

When parents message Outschool with requests for classes on topics that have few or no current listings on the platform, we share them here.

Updated bi-weekly

Check out this list of new topic requests submitted by parents to find inspiration for your next Outschool class. If any of these topics match your area of expertise, try meeting demand from families by listing a new class or section that
includes these keywords.

March 18, 2023


Geometric art: Fractals and Mandelbrot Set
Acrylic painting class
Cockatiel and dog drawing class
Floral Design with fresh flowers
Calligraphy for Teens

Games & Gaming

Fortnite themed classes
Scrap Mechanic

Book & Social Clubs

Color and Chat Club
Creative Writing Club for pre-teens
Advanced ASL Conversational Club
Transgender Teen Social Group

World Languages

Gujarati Language
Portuguese for beginners
Greek language for beginners
Hausa language

Life Skills & Career Prep

Construction-themed Escape Room Series
Budgeting and Banking
Advanced chess
How to whistle
The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multiple-aptitude battery prep


Music Composition using Finale or Sibelius
Piano Lesson for beginners
Disco dance class for pre-teens


5th Math tutoring

Science & Nature

The Big Bang Theory
Intro to zoology

Social Studies

AP American History


Spelling and grammar
Dyslexia writing for teens

Coding & Tech

Roblox Coding

Sports, Health, & Wellness

March Madness
Sportsmanship. How to communicate in team sports and how to handle losing and not be a sore loser how to win and stay humble in sports.
Taichi martial arts

Teach on your terms

Set learning free