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Thinking about what kind of classes to make next? We’re sharing 3 big bets for increasing enrollments this spring and summer. Stick around and find out what they are and how YOU can win a $50 gift card by enhancing your class listings.

Welcome to Outschool’s Marketplace Insights for the week of March 20th, 2023.

As we talked about last week, demand in East Asia continues to grow. If you are wanting to service families in this region, keep in mind that Daylight Savings Time may affect reaching families at a time that works best for them. According to our insights, the best time slot for East Asia families is now 3-5 pm PST before they head off to school and 11pm-5am PST after school. Keep an eye out for changing peak hours during this time and as U.S. families begin their Spring Breaks.

Speaking of Spring Break, as families start heading to the beach, to the mountains, or even staycationing in their backyard, now is the time to start thinking about classes you can offer to fill a need for Outschool learners. Camps, one-time classes, and fun, engaging clubs have historically been in demand during this time. Don’t forget about academic classes for learners who are using this week to catch up!

Our next hot topic of the week is money. If you have been following the Community pages, you may already know that April is Money Maker’s Month in the Learner Community. From Lemonade Stands to Business Bootcamps, we’re having a lot of fun talking with learners about kidpreneur opportunities. If you’re looking to tap into this audience while it’s hot, consider offering classes focused on finance and business skills specific to helping young entrepreneurs succeed.

While you’re at it, start thinking about what kind of classes will help YOU succeed in the upcoming months. As spring and summer approach, here are those 3 big bets we alluded to. 

Our first big bet for increasing enrollments is book clubs. Book clubs are very popular here at Outschool! Not sure what books are currently trending or are most requested? We’ve learned that families and schools in east Asia are referring to What Kids Are Reading, a yearly report produced by Renaissance Learning to get inspiration on books to read. Use this to get started.

Our second big bet is creative writing classes. If you offer or want to offer, writing classes, now is the time to get creative! Families are looking for fun, engaging ways to get their learners using their imagination and crafting stories. Consider listing a creative writing club, camp, or even 1-on-1 tutoring today.

With that in mind, our third big bet is academic 1-on-1 tutoring. With the end of the school year in the U.S. getting closer, families are starting to look for help with test prep and ending the year strong. If you offer academic classes, think about offering 1-on-1 tutoring to reach learners who need individualized attention in your subject area of expertise.

Well, you’ve made it to the end so we have a little gift for you.

Our goal at Outschool is to help you succeed and we have a theory about how to help you grow your enrollments. If you’re currently using a photo, but not including a video, or are using your class video on your class page, we want you to make a mini-lesson instead. This is a bit different than the marketing mini-lesson we requested in the past as these need to be shot horizontally to fit the class video format. 

On average, classes with class videos make 50% more in bookings than those without them. So our hypothesis is that by offering families a glimpse into your classroom, in the form of a 1 minute video mini-lesson, may help your listings get more attention from families scrolling through classes. Curious to see if it works?

Here’s what you have to do and how you can earn a chance at a $50 gift card:

  • Create a mini-lesson and use it as your class video by Friday, April 7th. 
  • Use this form to let us know that your video is posted.
  • Three educators will be randomly selected to receive a $50 gift card. 

Even if you don’t win the gift card, there’s a good chance you’ll “win” new enrollments, so take advantage of this opportunity and get started on your mini-lesson after this video.

Okay, it’s time to take action! Your 3 action items for this week are:

  1. Get your spring and summer classes listed ASAP! Try focusing on book clubs, creative writing classes, or 1-on-1 academic tutoring.
  2. If you have any experience in finance or entrepreneurship, tap into those skills and create a class for Outschool’s kidpreneurs. 
  3. Create your mini-lesson videos for your class pages and enter to win a $50 gift card.

Okay, that’s it for this week. Thanks for watching, good luck with your mini-lesson video, and we’ll see you next time!

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