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20% of current bookings on Outschool are for one class type—can you guess which one? Here’s a hint: Enrollments for these classes have been steadily growing over the past year, and they can be offered on any topic!

Welcome to Outschool’s Marketplace Insights for the week of January 22nd, 2023. It’s a new year, and we’re so excited to inspire a love of learning across the globe with all of you in 2023.

Make sure you stay tuned until the end of the video to learn the 3 actions that you can take this week to grow your teaching business.

Before we talk about which class type is driving significant numbers of enrollments from families, we want to remind you that now is the time to list your seasonal-themed classes for February and March.

Searches for Black History Month doubled this past week, and we expect searches and enrollments for those classes to peak between January 31st and February 6th.

Valentine’s Day is also just around the corner on February 14th, and we anticipate Valentine’s-themed arts & crafts classes will be a big hit again this year.

St. Patrick’s Day, the March Madness basketball tournament, and college test prep season are also coming up, and you can get ahead of the game by listing those classes now.

And when you do, consider adding some 1-on-1 classes, which currently make up 20% of all bookings on Outschool! Enrollments in private classes have been steadily growing on the platform, and we see that trend continuing upward this spring.

What’s more: 63% of kids that enroll in 1-on-1 classes re-enroll with the same educator for more tutoring help. Right now, the most popular tutoring subjects are: math, writing, reading, language lessons, and music lessons.

As a heads up, we’re also observing more families using auto-schedule to book 1-on-1 classes. 7% of current tutoring bookings were created through auto-schedule, which is about double the rate from this time last year.

And if you teach 1-on-1 classes—we want to share your story with Outschool families! To prepare for upcoming marketing campaigns, we’re collecting short educator bios through a new VideoAsk interview form. We’re especially looking for submissions from educators who offer private music lessons, math tutoring, or English tutoring.

Just click the link at the end of this video to learn more and submit your responses by February 1st for a chance to be featured.

Alright, I’m leaving you with 3 actions that you can take right now to act on these business insights:

  1. Brainstorm creative ways to add a seasonal theme to your classes, then add sections ASAP.
  2. Add more tutoring opportunities to your class calendar, and consider using auto-schedule if possible.
  3. If you teach any 1-on-1 classes, submit a response using the link below for the chance to be spotlighted.

And that’s it for this week! See you next time, and happy teaching.

If you teach tutoring on any subject, especially music, math or English, we want to hear from you! Submit video responses through this simple VideoAsk form for the chance to be featured in promotions to families.

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