This year, we’re asking families to keep learning this summer by joining Outschool’s Summer Smash Challenge. Here’s how you can add your classes to the challenge, encourage summer learning, and boost this season’s bookings!

What is the Summer Smash Challenge?

Families can earn up to 8 unique badges by taking classes and completing activities between May 1 and June 30 as part of what we’re calling the Summer Smash Challenge. Each badge is worth $5 in Outschool credit, and families can earn each badge once per account. Learners who complete the badges will also get a special learner avatar added to their learner profile so that they can show off their badges to friends! Get the fine print.

How can this benefit my teaching business?

Every educator and organization is eligible to participate in the Summer Smash Challenge and boost their bookings this summer. We’ve assigned a badge category to each class subject (listed here), and learners will automatically earn their badge if eligible after enrolling in and attending your classes!

A few details to keep in mind:

  • Only classes with live meetings in May or June (or Flex sections that begin in May or June) will be eligible for the Summer Smash Challenge. Classes that will continue to run beyond June are eligible as long as they meet at least once before June 30.
  • Families can only earn each badge once, regardless of how many times they take an eligible badge class.
  • To find your summer classes eligible for the challenge, families should head over to and then select the corresponding badge for your class subject and size.
  • While you can mention the Summer Smash Challenge in class descriptions or add the class image templates (shared below) to your listings, this is not guaranteed to boost your class visibility.

Class listing image templates

One great way to catch the eye of a prospective family during the Summer Smash Challenge is to add a badge to your class image. This is 100% optional — as long as you have open sections, your classes will appear as Summer Smash classes to searchers!

But, if you want to go the extra mile for your listings, we’ve prepared class image templates using Canva that feature each badge. To add a badge to your class image:

  1. Open the template
  2. Upload your existing class image(s)
  3. Drop each image into the correct badge frame
  4. Download the images and replace them on your class listing on Outschool

The challenge begins on May 1, 2023, so get ready to smash your business goals this summer and start adding hashtags today! If you have any questions regarding how to participate in the Summer Smash Challenge, please reach out to