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Using Class Minis to promote your best classes
Create a Class Mini to showcase your best classes and teaching style on Outschool.
Class Mini

A Class Mini is a sample class that allows new families to get to know you and your teaching style. Post a Class Mini to build your pipeline and nurture new opportunities to connect to families browsing for their best match. 

Class Minis, By Popular Request

Finding the right educator for a learner is a big decision, and families don’t take the opportunity lightly. We receive requests for sample courses from families looking for the right match.  Posting a Class Mini is a chance for you to showcase your teaching to families who will likely buy from you again. It is also a chance to develop a deeper relationship, which we hope will encourage families to continue booking your classes in the future. 

Posting a Class Mini

When listing a Class Mini, it is important to note that a Class Mini is a sample of your teaching style, classroom environment, subject area expertise, and everything that makes you a unique teacher. A Class Mini is not a full class offering like a one-time class. For this reason, we suggest limiting 1-on-1 classes to 15-20 minutes and limiting small group classes to 20-30 minutes. 

Requirements to post a Class Mini

To be considered a Class Mini for promotional and search reasons, your class must include the following:

  • The title of the class must begin with the Class Mini label, followed by a colon, followed by the name of the class being sampled. Examples: 
    • Class Mini: Morning Math Routines
    • Class Mini: Short GSA Meet Up
    • Class Mini: Solving Word Problems
  • The class description should clearly state that the class is a sample to demonstrate how to use Outschool.com while getting to know the teacher and not a full offering.
  • The class should only meet once. If a learner or parent would like to meet with you again, that is an indicator they are ready to book a full class.
  • A Class Mini in the 1-on-1 format should be between 15-20 minutes.
  • A Class Mini in any other format besides 1-on-1 should be no more than 20-30 minutes.

Example Class Listing #1 (Parent View)

Example Class Listing #2 (Parent View)

Pricing Guidance

To match the sample size offering, we suggest pricing classes lower than a typical one-time class, but still comparable to your per-minute rate. For a Class Mini, we propose $1-$5 for group classes and about $0.50-$1 per minute for 1-on-1. This pricing guidance is flexible, and you’re always welcome to create a pricing strategy that best suits your target audience and business objectives.

Suggested Class Format

As with any other class on Outschool, you are to verify learners at the beginning of the Class Mini. Remember that the purpose of the class is for families to get to know you. For this reason, parents might be curious about attending live. Remember, since Outschool is only for learners ages 3-18, parents must be reasonably off-camera and remind them to step out of the frame should they get on camera.

Next, introduce yourself to the learners. It might be helpful to have learners introduce themselves as well. Doing so is a best practice that you can adapt from your regular class offerings, as it’s one of the best ways to show how you create a welcoming environment.

After introductions, you should go into a light lesson. We suggest you prepare a lesson you can teach in 15 minutes or less, including learner interaction. Adapting the main idea from your most popular classes might be successful. Think about what you would like to highlight and feature that prominently throughout your Class Mini.

At the end of the lesson, send the learners off warmly by telling them that you enjoyed getting to know them. If time permits, you may be open to questions about you and the classes you offer. 

1-on-1 Class Minis 

If you would like to list a 1-on-1 mini class, please follow these exact instructions:

  • Use a group class format (that’s right!)
  • Set the learner size to max 1
  • Set the class frequency to 1 time
  • The class name needs to begin with Class Mini:

If you set up your Class Mini this way, your class will not be migrated to the new 1-on-1 class format. Please ensure you set it up correctly to avoid migration since there is no roll-back path once the class migrates.

Known limitation: 

While this may result in your Class Minis not appearing in searches for “1-on-1” classes using the search function, your classes will appear for searches using keywords like “sample,” “trial class,” or  “mini.” Your classes will also appear in searches related to the content, age, and price indicated in your class descriptions. Class Minis that follow the guidelines will also be featured on the dedicated Class Minis page and other promotions.

Tips from top Class Mini educators

We asked educators who have tried Class Minis what they tried to make their Class Minis successful. Here are some of their best insights: 

Set the Class Up for Success

  • When working with new families, it may help to keep classes small to make time for personalization.
  • For group classes, keep age ranges small to help with class management.
  • Make sure to detail the purpose of the Class Mini as an intro to your class.
  • Send a follow-up email right away.
  • Think about how you’d like to engage families that already know you. Class Minis might work for your existing users, too. These may include:
    • An existing parent may be interested in sampling other classes you offer.
    • If you have a strong relationship with an existing family, consider inviting them to your Class Mini to help you demonstrate your class concept to new families.
    • If you’re not sure a Class Mini is a good fit for an existing parent, work with them to learn more about why they enrolled.

Promote your Class Mini! 

Let your network and pipeline know about your new offering. 

  • You may choose to create a promotion for Class Mini users or combine it with an existing promotion you are running.
  • Combine Class Minis with your referrals, including Give 20, Get 20, and OUTreach.
  • Use social media to promote your Class Minis. We created this social media toolkit to help you get started. 

Following Up with Families

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to make the perfect first impression with your new families, it’s critical that you seal the deal by following up with parents via email. Thank the families for getting to know you, and then encourage them to ask questions or check out your classes.

If you have a coupon or promotion happening, you may find it helpful to share that with your families. Alternatively, you may find it useful to have a standing offer for these families. 

Sample follow-up message: 

Hi [Name], 

I enjoyed having your learner in my class today. Thank you for giving us a try. If you enjoyed today’s lesson and you think this is a good fit for your learner, you may be interested in one of my upcoming classes. You can check out all my classes by checking out my page here.

By the way, you can use this coupon I created just for you to get $10 off your next class with me. 

I’m also available if you have any more questions about me or my classes, or if you need help signing up for your next class with me. 

I look forward to hearing from you, 


We encourage you to continue to be warm and welcoming to families during this follow-up stage. Use this opportunity to grow your relationships and convert families into long-term patrons of your business. 

You can find more tips on communicating with parents here

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