Use coupons to promote your classes
Learn how custom coupon codes can fit into a broader marketing strategy for your teaching business.

Educator coupons were designed to help you encourage enrollments in your Outschool classes. By creating custom coupon codes, you can target specific audiences (like new or returning learners) with special promotions that may increase the number of sign-ups you receive. Let’s take a look at how coupons can drive interest in your classes and fit into an outcome-driven marketing strategy.

Creating a coupon

You can create as many coupons as you’d like right from your educator dashboard following the steps outlined here. When creating a custom coupon code, you’ll be able to decide the amount of the coupon, which class(es) it will work for, and the start and end dates of the discount. You can even make enrollment in a course free if you set the coupon value equal to the price of the class.

Sharing your coupons

You’ve got your shiny new coupon code in hand, so now what do you do? Time to share that with either prospective or existing learner families – or both! You may share your coupons by posting in your Outschool classroom, sending a direct message to parents, or posting on social media.

After you create your coupon, you’ll notice we’ve included a text template that you can cut & paste to easily advertise the coupon code:

Get [$ amount] off of [class name] with coupon code [code] until [end date]. Get started at [class url] and enter the coupon code at checkout.

Remember to set a goal

Before racing over to your dashboard to make your first coupon, take a moment to consider how a coupon code may benefit your business in the short or long term. Without a set goal, it will be difficult for you to measure the outcomes of a specific coupon campaign. We recommend establishing a clear objective for each coupon you create so that you’re able to make adjustments to your strategy based on results. Think about these common outcomes that educators may be able to achieve with a custom coupon:

  • Expand your learner and parent base by attracting new learners
  • Boost enrollments for a new class or class type
  • Increase the number of re-enrollments you receive
  • Increase the net profits of a class or your business as a whole

Once you establish a goal for your coupon, you can create a plan for how you’ll promote the discount and what benefits you’ll advertise. Keep in mind that your existing families may have a negative reaction to pitches that appear too “salesy” or impersonal, so sincerity and subtly can be your friend when marketing to that audience. This may look like sending a personalized message instead of a template or sparingly posting promotions in your classroom.

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Here are a few ideas to get you started as you consider how you may use coupons to build your business:

  • Launching a brand new class or looking to increase interest in an ongoing class? Try offering a limited-time code to create a sense of urgency to enroll.
  • Do you use social media to advertise your classes? Consider making your code into a shareable graphic using Canva or another graphics tool. Make sure to follow these guidelines for using the Outschool logo!
  • If re-enrollments are your goal, make an exclusive coupon just for your existing parent community to communicate your gratitude for their business and interest in continuing to teach their learners. A personalized message to each family can make this type of promotion extra-effective.

Coupon codes offer an excellent opportunity to set a business goal and use your Outschool resources to help you get there. Head over to your dashboard to create a coupon now, and explore more business coaching opportunities designed specifically for educator entrepreneurs.

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