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Tips for Scheduling Winter Classes
Check out some helpful tips to set yourself up for a productive winter!

As we enter an unprecedented winter season, we anticipate an increase in demand for Outschool classes in 2 ways:

⓵ Families looking for social activities for their kids at home with ongoing clubs and multi-day camps
⓶ Families planning ahead to supplement their learner’s 2021 semester

Parents have already begun enrolling their learners in these classes, so don’t miss an opportunity to offer a new class to our learners!

Below are some tips to set yourself up for a productive winter season:

❄ Create a weekly “Club” as an ongoing class to provide families with the flexibility of ‘dropping in’ and create a social environment for learners at home. Ongoing classes and clubs can be academic and fun. Create sections that (1) meet at the same time for multiple weeks, (2) are taught in a live format, and (3) have sections scheduled starting between mid-late November and January

❄ Offer Winter Break camps for learners that are home for the holiday break. Create sections that (1) meet for multiple days in the same week (2 or more consecutive days) (2) are taught in a live format, and (3) have sections starting between Dec 19-Jan 3

❄ Start scheduling classes for January 2021 to capture the demand of families planning their semesters. We recommend offering longer formats that meet multiple weeks like semester-long and Ongoing classes

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☃️ How to experiment with formats, topics, and timing?
Since this winter will be different than past years, we anticipate many families will have unique needs. Try offering different start dates/times/durations. We recommend 3+ available sections per class for the best parent response (daytime, after school, or weekends).

☃️ What about other class formats?
We will continue with our year-round marketing to drive parents to one-time, short, semester, flex, and ongoing classes scheduled over the winter. We recommend you pick your favorite sections from the past semesters and schedule your winter sections while families are planning ahead!

☃️ What to expect this winter?
Prepare to see some families planning ahead to secure their spots, while others wait for the last minute.

Get ahead of the winter season and start scheduling your winter sections today!

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